Favorite Running Gear of 2021

Favorite running gear of 2021

As the end of the year comes to an end, the recaps begin. One of my favorite things about December is to look through all of my blog posts during the year. I tried a lot of new and fun running gear and things over the year, and some of them stuck out.

Favorite running gear of 2021

Skincare for Athletes: Avanza Skin Care Review 

Avanza is designed for athletes by athletes. The body wash is my choice after swimming because it’s gentle on my skin. They even have face cream designed to combat acne caused by sport.


Apparel: Lounge and Chilling: Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review and rabbit EZ Collection Review

2021 was the year of work from home and lounge from home. I found myself updating and upgrading my wardrobe to cute but functional loungewear. Gone are the days of the baggy butt sweatpants, and here are the days of the cute gear.

Outdoor Voices Excercise Dress Review
Outdoor voices dress

Cold-Weather Gear: Crash Polartec 2.0 Tights and Crash Polartec 2.0 Jacket Review

Hands down my favorite running gear for the winter. I never thought I would be battling the cold in the desert, but the Title 9 Crash Polartec Gear keeps me warm even on 20 degree days.

Inexpensive Running Gear: Persit Shorts Review

I always feel guilty that Persit is one of my top-running brands because it is so cheap. This Amazon-based brand makes high-quality shorts and leggings. Many options are under $20.

Favorite Running Apparel:

  • rabbit: At no surprise, this is just one of my favorite running brands. The people, the product, everything is great.
  • Janji: I appreciate that Janji gives back and has a mission to help more people get safe drinking water.
  • Tasc Performance Apparel: I like that Tasc is sustainable and has quality products.
  • Saucony Similarly, I like that Saucony’s products are more sustainable.
  • Boathouse Gear Review: My favorite Philadelphia brand. A lot of their clothing is fun or Philadelphia-themed!
  • Cotopaxi: I love the style of Cotopaxi, and their clothing is fun.

Boathouse Gear Review

Nutrition and Hydration:

Hydration: DripDrop ORS Hydration Review

When I first arrived to the desert, I was dehydrated all of the time. One of the reasons I prefer DripDrop is it uses the ORS Hydration method, and the hydration is delivered fast. You can feel the moment Drip Drop hits your system.

Nutrition: PWURE Supplement Review

PWURE are pre and post supplements designed for you. They consider your personal information, and you can even link your Strava so they know how much working out you are doing and can provide even more personalized data.


Recovery Device: The Achedaway Cupper Review

I’ve noticed cupping a lot more prominent out west. I never had cupping done on the East Coast, but it’s the device of choice by many therapists out west. The Achedaway Cupper is an excellent option for at-home use!

Pack: CamelBak Zephyr 10L Running Vest Review

I’ve used the Camelbak for several different races as well as trails and hikes. With a women’s specific fit and the ability to use two different types of hydration, it’s become my favorite pack.

Headphone/Music Device: Fauna Audio Glasses Review

A late comer, but the Fauna Audio Glasses play music from the glasses. They obviously use an open ear design which helps you hear other things.

Fauna Audio Glasses Review
Fauna Glasses

Most Popular Review On the Blog: BODYARMOR LYTE Review

The Bodyarmor Lyte Review makes up about 20% of my monthly blog views. I venture to think it’s because Bodyarmor is known outside of the running world.

2021 was a fun year of reviewing and trying new gear. I am looking forward to 2022 and what new gear comes out!

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Question for you: What are some of your favorite “new to you” items this year?


  1. Your recommendation of DripDrop ORS was game changing for me. I have long struggled with hydration during summer runs in Texas and this product helped tremendously. It is super easy on my stomach, tastes pleasant and it seems to be absorbed by my body so quickly.

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