The Importance of Adding Protein after a Workout

The Importance of Adding Protein after a Workout

In 2018, one of my goals is to get more protein in my diet after running.  I’m not doing a crazy diet, but integrating more protein after workouts and running.  Earlier in the month, I was given the opportunity to try and work with Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt.  It timed out well, as it has 17 grams of protein which makes it a good and easy to eat choice.

me running rain

Brief information about the Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt:

It has 17g of protein, 6g of fiber and no artificial sweeteners.  Most have 18-25 grams of carbohydrates too!  Each yogurt contains a lid with toppings to mix in. 

Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt

So What are Benefits of Having More Protein Post Workout?

Protein repairs muscle damage.  Any run or workout will cause muscle damage.  It’s important to recover that muscle damage so you can succeed in your next workout or race.

Often times, I have a bad habit of just going on to the next thing after running.  Whether that “next thing” is life or work, I skip this step.  I know not having something to recover is a bad habit, yet time seems to get away from me. This year, I’m focusing on having protein after a workout or run to help repair muscle damage.

Athletes who don’t get enough protein are also at a higher risk of injury.

Having More Protein also Helps with Cortisol.

Cortisol is the “stress” hormone that breaks down muscle.  Last year, when I had my blood taken, my cortisol was an extremely high. Excluding liver cells, cortisol speeds the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.

In short, cortisol provides the body with the energy it requires to combat stress from trauma, illness, and injury.  It’s key for recovery and preventing burn out (something I have rambled on about for months).

How much Protein is Important?

Most runners should strive for 10-20 grams.  Having more protein or saturating your body with protein won’t do your body much good.  One reason I like Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt is a great option because it contains 17 grams of protein, which fits right in that window.  It has 6 grams of fiber, and no artificial sweeteners.  Plus it tastes good.  It always helps to remember to eat something that tastes good.

Timing is everything and it’s important to eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, which is definitely something I have struggled with.  Not because I have a reason, but truthfully I’ve been lazy.   That is an easy problem to fix, you just have to commit!



You can find Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt at Walmart locations.  Plus right now, there is even an awesome Ibotta Offer!

Thank you, Oikos Protein Crunch Yogurt for sponsoring this post.

Questions for you:
Do you normally eat after a workout?
How do you get protein in?


Training: From -2 degrees to 62

Training: From -2 degrees to 62

The last few weeks of running have been boring.  They haven’t been good or bad, but there has been a lack of excitement to them.  This is for a few reasons: I’ve been running by myself, a lot of indoor runs watching TV, and zero races since early December.

Believe me, if there was a race every weekend, I would be there.

Moving forward, I was able to get two workouts in last week.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: 12X400s/400 rest
Thursday: Easy 30 minutes
Friday: Easy 45 minutes
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: 14 mile run with


Usually, I take a rest day each week.  In fact, this is the first week in a very long time I haven’t.  To be honest, the 60-degree weather on Thursday lured me in.  Did I have to run?  Of course not.  Was it the smartest?  Maybe not…however, we haven’t seen the 60s in a few months and shorts weather was welcomed.  I kept it shorter just to be smart but enjoy some warmth.

Wednesday: 12X400s (average 88 seconds, 400 rest)

I haven’t done 400s on the road in a long time.  Truth be told, if a track is not open I’m more likely to do them on the treadmill.  However, I don’t race on the treadmill and so on Wednesday when the roads were fairly clear (clear of ice at least), I found a quiet spot in a neighborhood and did my workout.  I was ecstatic with how it went.

Sunday: 14 miles run with 7 miles at 6:58 pace

This was my fastest long run since coming back from my break this summer.  I am both happy and surprised with my effort.  I do know, I’ve been able to run workouts faster because I’m not racing, but I am still looking forward to racing.

In all, I had successful runs and workouts this week.  Boring, but I never claimed to blog because I was an exciting person.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of running? 

Do you have snow on the ground?

Dino’s Seaville Diner

Dino’s Seaville Diner

It was a cold and bitter day when I found myself in Seaville, NJ.  A lot of shore diners are closed during the winter, so it was hard to find an open diner.  Luckily Dino’s Seaville Diner is located right off the Garden State Parkway.  The famous Peter G. has ranked Dino’s as one of the best in Cape May County, and I can see why.

Today seemed like a good beach day.

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Atmosphere: A
The diner itself looks like a traditional cobblestone diner.  It isn’t metallic, but it’s a big open diner with plenty of parking.  Inside has several booths, tables, and a full-length bar.  You walk in near a dessert case which looked good too.

Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh, and we were never without it.  The waitress made sure we always had hot refills.

Dinos seaville diner

Food: A
We arrived around 4:30 pm, and it was reasonably busy.  A little early, but we were also hungry.  The menu has everything you need from breakfast, seafood, steak, and healthy options too.

I was craving something warm so started with the snapper soup.  I’ve had turtle soup at a few diners, including the Town and Country in Bordentown.  It was great.  Snapper soup is a fun and unique soup.

Dinos seaville diner

Since the original time I went, I’ve been back again.  Oddly enough I have found myself in the area two weeks in a row and I liked Dino’s Seaville Diner.

The most recent time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted and decided on a Philly cheesesteak which came with chips.  My brother had gotten it previously, and it looked good, so I decided to order it. The cheesesteak was great, and it had plenty of actual cheese and meat.  It was also relatively easy to eat, food that is often challenging to eat.  In all, I was happy with my choice. Dino's Seaville Diner cheesesteak

Chips are chips next time I’ll order a different side.

Service: A
The waitress was one of the best diner waitresses I’ve had.  She refilled beverages, and our food came out quickly.  Plus she was friendly and made excellent recommendations.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Price: $$
For my soup, coffee, and cheesesteak the cost was $15.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back?
I enjoyed Dino’s Seville Diner, and I can see why it’s one of the best in the area.  I’ll definitely be back soon.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Price: $8-15
Overall: A

Nearby Diners I’ve Been: Windjammer (Somers Point), Northfield 

This is diner 165.  You can see all here.

Questions for you:
Have you had snapper soup?
What is a food local to you?

How to Run through the Winter

The way to run through winter is…

The Treadmill…

Most people know, but I actually don’t hate the treadmillAll joking aside, there are other ways to get through the winter if you’re keen on running outdoors.  Last week was cold.  It was between 10-20 almost all week.  This last time last week, half of the east coast was canceled due to a snowstorm.  Thankfully, this week is better (for running).

As someone who went to college and worked in Upstate NY where there is often 2 feet of snow, I also understand everything is relative.  What is cold to someone living in Manitoba is different than Key West and there is no time for judgment.  If someone feels cold, they are and if you argue with them…it does nothing for anyone.

Personally, I’ve lived in several states that handle winter differently!  Both Virginia and New Jersey everything generally shuts down with any snow. (like last week)!  It never snowed while I lived in Texas but I do know several years ago, there was a huge ice storm.

Decided to attempt Nordic Skiing in NJ. Didn't break anything so success…

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In Upstate NY, it didn’t matter the conditions.  Heck, even a whiteout or blizzard isn’t enough to close down school, classes, or work.  Each area of the world is equipped to handle different situations.  Wherever you live, you are generally most assimilated to that weather and life.

hiking home from swim practice after this happened…during practice

With anything, it’s important to run and train smartly.

If you ever feel unsafe, run inside or rest.  There is never shame in that.

(In college, I slipped and fell on ice.  It resulted in a fractured humorous, and I wasn’t even running outside…I was just walking!)

Last week, I did my workouts on the treadmill because I was just happier inside.  Not happy or overjoyed but happier to run inside.

Another fun fact about winter training is that all of my PRs now are currently from winter races.

February 2015 Phoenix Marathon: 3:14.59

January 2016: Carlsbad Half Marathon 1:22.57

February 2016: Flower Show 5k (18:13) 

So thinking out loud, I’ve created a few tips for running through the winter.   

First and most importantly: Don’t be afraid to adjust your workout:

A few years ago, I was visiting friends in Rochester the weekend of my last long run. Rochester ended up getting a massive blizzard and running outside was unimaginable.  (You know it’s a problem when things in Rochester close!).

I ran my last 20 mile run on the treadmill (see why I don’t hate the treadmill).  It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t desirable either.  Running outside would have been unsafe and hazardous.  If I hadn’t felt good on the treadmill, I probably would have skipped the run altogether.  Luckily, I felt fine.

Prevent Sliding with Yak Trax:

You will be amazed at what a difference Yak Trax make while running outdoors.  You’ll be able to grip the ground and ice much easier and stay safe.  I cannot stress how awesome they are (no they aren’t paying me to tell you).

Don’t Forget: Main Roads are Plowed First: 

The main roads are going to be plowed before local roads and sidewalks.  Who knows, your sidewalk may never be plowed and may clear up when the snow melts.  Being smart with how and where you run is important.  Always run on the opposite side of traffic and don’t run down the middle of the road.

But Certain local roads are cleared Quickly Too:

My high school was located in a neighborhood, and the roads to and from the school were cleared quickly.  During winter storms I could often run a 1-2 mile loop around my high school.  Boring?  Yes, but if you like outdoors then that was your best bet.

Wind Protection:

Even when the temperatures are brutal outside, the wind factor can play a bigger role. Layering appropriately is important.  It’s not just about “wearing as many layers as possible”. 

Recently, I learned that Vaseline can be an excellent protection against the cold and wind. It’s waterproof and helps block the wind too.  I don’t know how I didn’t know that!

Rain and Wintery Mix Protection:

You can prepare for the snow but don’t forget about the rain. In my opinion, winter rain is one of the toughest elements to run through.  It’s important to appropriately layer.  My personal favorite jacket is from Gore-Tex.  I’ve run through 30-degree torrential downpours, and my long sleeve underneath has stayed completely dry.  While it is pricey, it’s worth the cost if you are running outdoors in the winter.

shamrock half marathon me running 2017

With that, winter running can be an enjoyable experience.  Training through the winter can set you up for Spring PRs.  At this particular point all of my PRs are in the winter, however, I have PRed in the spring too ha!


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Questions for you:

What are some tips you have to train through the winter?

Did you get snow last week?  How much?

Saucony Ride 10 Shoe Review

Saucony Ride 10 Shoe Review

I’ve been running in the Saucony Ride 10 for a little while now.  It replaced the Saucony Freedom in my rotation.  A few years ago, I loved the orginal Saucony Triumph ISO.  Personally, it was one of my favorite shoes to come out.  Since then, I haven’t found a Saucony shoe I like as much.  More recent models of the Triumph have been okay but not my favorite.  I am curious to see how the latest model, the Saucony Triumph ISO 4 stacks up though.  I’ve run in several models of Saucony: The Triumph, the Zealot, and the Ride.

Anyway, the Saucony Ride 10 has been a more favorite shoe of mine recently.

Saucony Ride 10 Fit:

The Saucony Ride 10 fits more true to size than previous years.  Typically I wear a size 10-10.5 wide, and I found a 10.5 to be ideal.  The upper is seamless and accommodates those with wider feet or bunions.

saucony ride 10 shoe review.jpg

One thing I’ve noticed about Saucony, which people either love or hate, is that it has a very low back.  It doesn’t fit orthotics/inserts as well as many other neutral shoes.  That has been a deal breaker for many, because they feel like they are slipping.  It’s never bothered me, and I’ve never felt as though I was slipping out, but it does bother a lot of people.

Saucony Ride 10 Ride:

Time to review the ride of the Ride.  It always sounds funny when I say that.  The Saucony Ride 10 is an 8 mm drop and much firmer.  If you are looking for a shoe with firmer forefront cushion, the Ride or most Saucony shoes are an option.

I’ve run anywhere between 5-10 miles in the shoe, and I feel as responsive in the beginning as the end of the shoe.  The cushion is there. One thing I did notice was it slipped more on wet surfaces or in the rain.  It’s a shoe I’m less likely to take out in icy conditions, although I’m more likely to run indoors when it’s icy.

Saucony Ride 10 Conclusions:

The Saucony Ride 10 is one of the most popular shoes in the industry, and I can see why.  It’s a true to size, well-cushioned shoe, that is great for any amount of mileage: from 5ks to marathons.  It holds up well.  Saucony is on model 10 of the shoe, so it’s lasted the test of time for a while now. Personally, I’ve been enjoying the lightweight but still well-cushioned shoe for easy days or regular daily runs.

Current Rotation:

Brooks Glycerin 15 (long runs, easy runs)
Brooks Ghost 10 (easy runs, daily runs)
Saucony Ride 10 (easy runs, daily runs)
Nike Zoom Fly (workouts)
Altra Escalante (workouts)
Saucony Type A/Endorphin (races)

Questions for you:
What is your current favorite shoe?
What is your all-time favorite shoe?

Training: Treadmills, Rest, and Cold

Training: Treadmills, Rest, and Cold

I thought last week would bring a race but the cold weather ended up changing it.  Sunday morning the windchill was -2 and to be honest, that just didn’t appeal to me. Plus my brother was in town for the weekend, so I wanted to enjoy time with him.

Will I ever race again?

To be continued…

Monday: Easy treadmill run 60 minutes
Tuesday: 10 mile run in Chambersburg with my father in law
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday Easy 60 minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 60 minute  run
Sunday: 2X3 miles

Where to start?

I spent most of the time running indoors, and I’m okay with that.  The weather this week was bitter cold, and while I do enjoy running outside in the teens and sometimes the single digits, sub-zero degrees don’t appeal to me.



I had a workout planned that day, but I just felt groggy and tired.  Both mentally and physically I wasn’t there, so I scrapped it.  I don’t have any regret of that choice.

Sunday: 2X3 miles (1-mile jog in between)
(6:36, 6:31, 6:27)
(6:31, 6:27, 6:25)

The workout itself felt good. I didn’t feel as though I was working at maximum effort which made me excited.  I think I could have pushed it faster or longer, but this felt appropriate to stay healthy and based on previous workouts.


The week wasn’t ideal, but I’ve decided in 2018 to limit my complaining about the weather.  It sounds trivial, but you can’t control what mother nature brings, just how you respond.

Posts from the week:

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Questions for you:

How has your weather been lately?

What is your favorite treadmill workout?

East Penn Diner (Emmaus, PA)

East Penn Diner (Emmaus, PA)

Last month, I went to the East Penn Diner in Emmaus.  I took a day trip to the area but after running the Runners World Half several years now, I’ve been to many different diners out that way.  The East Penn is towards my way home, so I decided to make a quick stop there.

I arrived around noon on Sunday and it wasn’t too crowded.  It was busy, but not every table was filled and there was no wait.

Atmosphere: A
The East Penn Diner is everything you picture in a stereotypical diner.  The outside is a big, shiny, retro diner while the inside has multiple tables, booths and even a salad bar.

I sat in a booth towards the front which had plenty of space.

Service: D
While the diner was busy, the waitress only came to our table twice.  Even when we needed something she forgot and we waited an additional 5-10 more minutes.

Coffee: A
The coffee at East Penn Diner is good and that’s because it’s locally brewed Lacas coffee.  I was surprised to see it as far out as Emmaus but the coffee is good.  Plus the East Penn has personalized coffee mugs which is always a welcomed touch.  The coffee itself was good.

East Penn Diner Emmaus coffee 1

Food: C
The East Penn Diner serves everything.  They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  With multiple sandwiches, seafood, and entrees.  I decided to order breakfast and went with chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and rye toast.

East Penn Diner Emmaus breakfast

Breakfast is difficult to mess up and they didn’t.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best breakfast ever. For the amount of time it took to come out, I was hoping to be wowed.  The pancake was a little overcooked.  It was a big portion and I was hungry, so that saved it…somewhat.

East Penn Diner Emmaus pancake

Cost: $
For my breakfast and coffee, the cost was $10.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back:
The East Penn Diner isn’t bad but the service leaves a lot to be desired.  I would go back if someone wanted too but it wasn’t in my favorite diners.

Atmosphere: A
Service: D
Coffee: A
Food: C
Cost: $8-15
Overall: C

Nearby Diners I’ve Been: Trivet, Golden Gate, Jumbars

Read all diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of toast?
What’s your favorite breakfast?

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