Persit Shorts Review

Persit Shorts Review

A few months ago, I tried Persit Yoga shorts. My good friend, Danielle, had recommended them solely because they were made in a cat print. I am skeptical of $20 running shorts on Amazon, but I trusted Danielle’s advice. Now, Persit Shorts they are one of my favorite brands to run in.

Persit Shorts Review

About Persit Yoga Shorts:

  • 2 Pockets: The Persit Yoga shorts for women have 2 pockets. I’ve stashed my keys inside.
  • High Waist: I love high-waisted shorts. They are my favorite, and Persit shorts are high-waisted.
  • Fun Colors: I like a good plain black short, but these have many different colors and prints, including tye-dye and leopard.
  • Moisture Wicking: I’ve run 12+ miles in them with no issues. They don’t chafe and are moisture-wicking (I was truly concerned about this when I first purchased them).
  • Soft and not see-through: Even the light-colored tye-dye Persit Shorts aren’t see-through, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • They don’t fall down.
Persit Shorts Review
My first pair were the green leopard

My experience with Persit Shorts:

The first pair I ordered were these. When I purchased them, I thought they are dark enough but if they are thin, they won’t be *that see-through*. I rarely buy light-colored shorts unless I trust the brand.

I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They aren’t see-through at all! After determining upon arrival, they are a good short; I decided to go for a run in them. Not my smartest decision, but my first run in them was about 10 miles.

They didn’t fall down, chafe, or move. They fit well and are some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve owned. I was SHOCKED. I rarely buy clothing off Amazon because I don’t trust it. I’ve been going through a biker-length short phase, and the Persit Shorts hit just above the knees without being awkward.

Persit Shorts Review


In running shorts, I wear an extra small, and that is what I ordered. It fit well, and I have no issues.

Later, I decided to order these in the typical 4-inch length. They fit just as well, and I appreciate how thick they are.


Persit shorts aren’t expensive either. They range in price from $18-22, which is cheaper than many “running brands.”

Persit Shorts Conclusion:

Honestly, I’m still shocked that a pair of amazon shorts are one of my favorites to run in. I appreciate the high waist, the quality, and of course, all of the fun colors they come in. I haven’t had any issues with them.

I feel guilty for liking a nonrunning brand so much, but Persit Shorts are awesome.

You can find Persit Shorts here and see more gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What are your favorite running shorts?

Do you prefer printed shorts or plain and neutral colors? 

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