It’s not a secret that one reason I loved living in New Jersey is the availability of diners.  Nothing beats the glorious taste of burnt diner coffee. Sadly, I started this journey in 2013 when I moved to New Jersey. I’ve now moved across the country to California.

The diners in NJ are different than most states.  Some diners have high-quality dinners that you would never expect, costing upwards of 20 dollars per meal.  They even rival a fancy restaurant.  Some are the typical greasy spoon, the type you see in the movies! There is no one definition of a diner. Before the Pandemix, there were over 600 in New Jersey but sadly many have shut their doors.

I’ll go to any and all diners. I’m not a food critic and I’m not paid to review diners, like running it’s just a hobby I’ve grown to love and enjoy. My education did not prepare me to review diners, and this is all from my own experience.  You might have had a completely different experience, and I would love to hear that too.  This just seemed like a fun and relevant thing to my life.

Here is How I Judge Diners:

Atmosphere: Is it an old-timey diner, cute little train care feel, is a fancy upscale diner?
Coffee: I always have to try the coffee at diners, it can make or break the meal.
Service: Was it slow? Did it take an hour for food?  Were there plenty of refills?
Cost: Is it expensive?  Is it worth the cost?  Diners are either very upscale restaurants, or they are cheap, inexpensive quick meals.  As long as the food is worth the price then I’ll be happy.
Food: Because I go there for a reason: to eat.  It’s either good or bad, enough or not enough.  I’m a runner, and I like to eat.
Dessert: If applicable.
Overall standard: Will I go back?

Diners that are currently on my top to do list (I am willing to try any and all!)

Total New Jersey Diners Traveled: 302 (July 2020)

I’m always looking for suggestions, especially if I’ve missed on in South Jersey! 


Other States/Country Visits: 

If you have a diner recommendation or would like me to visit your diner or diner near you, please send an email at fueledbyLOLZ (at) gmail dot com. 


  1. I love this page – it is sooo something I would do! You must make your way to Long Island for our diners….The Landmark in Manhasset and the Premiere Diner in Commack are terrific! I could easily list another ten worth checking out lol.

  2. I love your diner reviews. Because of your reviews, I just discovered the joy that is coffee with whipped cream. This morning I had run out of creamer after my coffee was already made and saw the whipped cream and thought: “What would Lolz do?” Don’t know what took me so long!

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