It’s not a secret that one reason I love living in New Jersey is the availability of diners.  Nothing beats the glorious taste of burnt diner coffee.

The diners in NJ are different than most states.  Some diners have high-quality dinners that you would never expect, costing upwards of 20 dollars per meal.  They even rival a fancy restaurant.  Some are the typical greasy spoon, the type you see in the movies!

With close to 600 diners in NJ, it appears I have my work cut out for me.  I will be judging diners on all of the following categories (that are relevant to me personally):

Atmosphere: Is it an old-timey diner, cute little train care feel, is a fancy upscale diner?
Coffee: I always have to try the coffee at diners, it can make or break the meal.
Service: Was it slow? Did it take an hour for food?  Were there plenty of refills?
Cost: Is it expensive?  Is it worth the cost?  NJ diners are either very upscale restaurants, or they are cheap, inexpensive quick meals.  As long as the food is worth the price then I’ll be happy.
Food: Because I go there for a reason: to eat.  It’s either good or bad, enough or not enough.  I’m a runner, and I like to eat.
Dessert: If applicable.
Overall standard: Will I go back?

**I’m not a foodie, and these are my personal opinions.   My education did not prepare me to review NJ diners, and this is all from my own experience.  You might have had a completely different experience, and I would love to hear that too.  This just seemed like a fun and relevant thing to my life.  If you are an NJ diner and want me to come visit, let me know!

Diners that are currently on my top to do list (I am willing to try any and all!)

Total Traveled: 272 (November 1, 2019)

I’m always looking for suggestions, especially if I’ve missed on in South Jersey! 


Other States/Country Visits: 

If you have a diner recommendation or would like me to visit your diner or diner near you, please send an email at fueledbyLOLZ (at) gmail dot com. 

2 thoughts on “Diners”

  1. I love this page – it is sooo something I would do! You must make your way to Long Island for our diners….The Landmark in Manhasset and the Premiere Diner in Commack are terrific! I could easily list another ten worth checking out lol.

  2. I love your diner reviews. Because of your reviews, I just discovered the joy that is coffee with whipped cream. This morning I had run out of creamer after my coffee was already made and saw the whipped cream and thought: “What would Lolz do?” Don’t know what took me so long!

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