Fauna Audio Glasses Review

Fauna Audio Glasses Review

The Fauna Audio Glasses are fun and stylish. They are revolutionizing how we listen to audio like music and podcasts. If you are worried about listening to your surroundings or don’t want something in your ear, they are a great option. As we know by now, we can never be “too safe” while out for a run.

Admittedly when I first tried Fauna Audio Glasses, I didn’t know what to expect. I had so many questions.

Do the Fauna Audio Glasses be audible to those around me?

Do the Fauna Audio Glasses stay on while running?

Do the Fauna Audio Glasses actually fit and look good on my face?

After a few uses, I was able to put together a quick list of pros and cons.

Fauna Audio Glasses Review


  • Comfortable
  • Fit well
  • Go over the ear
  • Available in blue light or sunglasses


  • Hard to control music
  • audio quality is not as high as in-ear headphones
  • Others will hear music if in a crowded location such as public transit or road race

None of the cons outweigh the pros but are just things to keep in mind.

About the Fauna Audio Glasses:

  • Able to maintain awareness while listening to music
  • Available in blue light or sunglasses
  • Water and dust resistant (IP52 rating)

Fauna Audio Glasses Review

The Design:

Fauna Audio Glasses come in several different designs, including sunglasses and a blue light filter.

  • Spiro Transparent Brown (sunglasses)
  • Fabula Crystal Brown (sunglasses)
  • Memor Havana and Levia Black. (blue light glasses)

I had no idea what I wanted. I thought sunglasses would commit to me to “only using them outdoors” and settled on the Fauna Audio Glasses in Memor Havana. I like blue light glasses because I can use them anywhere. I also thought the Memor Havana style would fit my face best. I wear glasses and generally gravitate towards that style anyway. The Memor Havana fit well, and they actually look good too. I rarely find “functional glasses” that actually fit my face well. Truthfully, I wear them without playing music because of how stylish they are.

The sides of the Fauna Audio Glasses are much heavier than typical glasses, but that is for the obvious reason of the speakers located on the side. I haven’t found they are too heavy or bulky. I’ve listened to them over periods of about 2 hours with no issues of discomfort or fatigue.

To keep the glasses sleek, there are no buttons on the Fauna Audio Glasses. Before they arrived, I imagined the glasses to have huge buttons that gave away the function of the speakers. They don’t, and you probably wouldn’t guess the glasses play music. In fact a few people have commented how much they like the style without knowing what they do.

Instead, you’ll find the touch controls on the outer side of the frames near the temples.  You simply double tap for playback and slide forward and backward on the left side for volume control. This seems great, but I’ve run into a few times I’ve had to exaggerate the motion, or it’s not picking up on exactly what I would like.

Changing the volume was easy, and I haven’t had any issues with that. I did find more issues with pausing. It usually took me a handful of times to get the music to pause. It’s not enough of an issue that I gave up using the glasses, but it can be a couple of seconds slower than I prefer.

One thing I did like was the Fauna Audio Glasses provided control over phone calls. The two microphones on the glasses allow you to place calls and answer them. I did find that sometimes the glasses were slightly too quiet for listening to the phone.

The case:

The case for the Fauna Audio Glasses is one of the nicest cases I’ve seen for any product. Inside the Fauna, Audio Glasses comes with a USB-C port and 4 LED indicators for the battery life info. It’s easy to charge and looks good too.

Fauna Audio Glasses Review
Seriously how cool is this case?

The Fauna Audio Glasses App:

It took me a few tries to get the glasses and the app paired, but it was easy to use and navigate once I did. You can set audio reminders known as “whistles.” These “whistles” can help establish healthier habits whether you want to remind yourself to take a walk, drink water, or fix your posture. I would like to see the ability to set whistles in different tones (like a ring tone), so you can remember what the reminder means.

IP52 Rating:

The Fauna Audio Glasses comes with an IP52 rating. While not recommended, they can withstand short periods in the rain. If they get drenched, you’ll find they probably won’t survive that. As a runner, I wondered how they would react on a “sweaty run,” and I haven’t had any issues with that either.

Battery Life:

The Fauna Audio Glasses come with 4 hours of battery life. I’ve found that reasonably accurate. If I listen to it with lower sound, I’ve found it to get slightly more battery life.

Fauna Audio Glasses Review

Sound Quality of the Fauna Audio Glasses:

If you are looking for the highest sound quality with noise-canceling headphones, this isn’t it. You will find good quality sound that you can also hear your surroundings.

For podcasts, it’s perfect. You can listen and hear your podcasts without any major issues. For music, it sometimes won’t pick up the bassline as well. While I do notice a difference between Fauna Audio Glasses and in-the-ear headphones, it’s not enough for me to not use them. In fact, I prefer hearing my surroundings more than the little sound quality that is hampered.

Now for the interesting part: Can others hear your Fauna Audio Glasses?

The short answer is yes. If you are using them in a crowded race setting with the full volume, chances are people can hear your music. If you pass someone every few minutes and are never close to anyone, chances are they won’t listen to what you are listening to.

You’d have to be running with someone side by side for some time for them to hear your music. Would it be my first choice of something to listen in a crowded area such as public transport or a road race? No. But is it good for hearing your surroundings when you’re out for a desert run or somewhere, little people, yes.

It’s also great at home when I’m getting work done, cleaning the house, or just listening to music around the house.

Fauna Audio Glasses Review

Cost: $299

At $299, they are expensive glasses, but they are good quality.

Fauna Audio Glasses Conclusion:

While yes, the Fauna Audio Glasses are a great and stylish option. There are definitely positives with Fauna Audio Glasses, and they are a great option depending on your needs.

In all, I really like them, and I’m also likely to wear them as an accessory since they are comfortable. They are the most fashionable headphones out and make for a great holiday gift.

You can purchase Fauna Audio Glasses here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Fauna Audio Glasses?

How do you listen to music?