Workout Log: (99% Injury Free?)

Training log: As demotivating last week was, this week was much better.  In fact, this was the best week I’ve had while returning after my injury.  Along with my running feeling good, I decided to get my butt in gear and actually do the little things. Monday: 40-minute easy run Tuesday: 40-minute easy run Wednesday: […]

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Training Last Week: Unmotivation Station

To be honest, last week didn’t go as planned.  I was able to get 30 minute runs in, but that is a half hour of my day.  I didn’t make time for core, strength or any extra stuff. Workouts: Monday: 3-mile group run Tuesday: 30-minute run Wednesday: 35-minute run Thursday: Rest Friday: 30-minute run Saturday: […]

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Asics Cumulus 18 Review

As most people know by now, I’m recovering from an injury, and I’ve been on the hunt for finding a shoe with enough cushion.  The first (of a few) shoes I chose was the Asics Cumulus.  I’ve no stranger to Asics, and I’ve reviewed the Nimbus, Quantum 360 as well as the FuzeX. Speaking of […]

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Workout Log: Hiking, Humidity and Swimming

Last week flew by. Since the Fourth of July landed on a Monday, the week felt much shorter.  Which is odd because generally “short” weeks feel like they last longer.  Is that the case with anyone else? Training wise, I’m just trucking along. Right now my foot is fine, but I’ve started to worry my foot […]

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How to Come Back Stronger from an Injury

Each time I’ve had an injury, I’ve come back stronger.  I haven’t PRed the next day, but I have gone on to PR after every injury I’ve had. Thinking out loud, It isn’t by luck or by a miracle, but it comes from taking the appropriate amount of rest and starting back slowly. It’s not […]

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