Folsom Lake Trail Half Marathon
Folsom Lake Trail Half Marathon Race Recap (2:03)

Wow, a race recap? Remember when I used to blog about those? The Folsom Lake Trail Half Marathon was the first race I’ve done in nearly 15 months. Truthfully, it felt good to pin on a race bib. I’ve missed live races. I’ve come to enjoy virtual racing from time to time, but nothing beats an in-person event.

This week in the newsletter, I talked about precautions the Folsom Lake Trail Half Marathon used, including wave starts, only 3 people across the mat, no communal food, masks at the aid station, and no cups. I felt everything was handled appropriately, and I did feel the risk of COVID was low.

It’s been so long; I might have forgotten how to write a race recap. Anyway…

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February Training Log: More Vertical, Less Workouts

February training was not quite what I anticipated, but then again, none of 2020 was either. Today, March 1st, I celebrate the year anniversary of my last race. During the race, I broke my foot. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself since then. As cliche as it sounds, I thought I was “ready to get fit” then. I was not. I needed time to build back up. Since taking breaking my foot and recovering, I’ve run some of the highest mileage weeks I have in a long time. Even though I have zero races coming up, I’m enjoying running more and longer. I look forward to the day I can actually showcase some fitness…who knows when that will be.

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January 2021 Training Log: Getting Back Into Shape

January flew by (mostly). Life and the real world definitely played a role in that. Anyway, this is a recap of my training. My goal for 2021 is to do all of the things I planned to do in 2020 and did not. Fitness-wise, that is to rebreak 1:25 in the half since the last time I did that was 2018. I did make a nice step towards that by rebreaking 1:30 in the half. Just 5 more minutes to go LOL.

me running hills

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