Tasc Performance Apparel Review

Tasc Performance Apparel Review

Recently I tried Tasc Performance. I was drawn to the brand because of its dedication to sustainable materials. I wasn’t sure how I would like running gear made out of bamboo, but I haven’t been disappointed yet.

As many people know, sustainability and eco-friendliness (a word I made up) has been my goal in 2021. In fact, I wrote about it in the newsletter this week too.

Tasc Performance Apparel Review

I love the mantra of Tasc Performance:

“We believe in simplicity.
We believe in needs, not wants.
We believe in quality over quantity.”

About Tasc Performance:

Tasc Performance is actually named after the Andrews family Todd (the son), Al (father), Scott (son), Cindy (boss).

After decades in the apparel business, the Andrews was tired of clothing made of plastics. Something I recently learned is most athletic gear uses 100% synthetic materials (known as petrochemicals).

Most athletic gear is treated with multiple finishes:

  • wick moisture
  • sun protection
  • guard against odor.

Tasc Performance set out to look for a natural and better-feeling fabric but also that performs well. They spent over 2.5 years developing their own “BamCo” process out of the bamboo plant.

Qualities of Bamboo Performance Technology:

  • Wicks moisture
  • Anti-odor
  • Breathable
  • SPF 50
  • No chemical finishes

Tasc Performance and Sustainability:

As I mentioned, sustainability is important to me! Tasc Performance takes multiple steps to ensure its company and brand are sustainable.

  • Power: 100% of the power required to run their sewing facility is generated from solar & wind. 100%
  • Water: 99% of wastewater is recovered, treated, and reused. It stays out of the ecosystem.
  • Products: 72% of the products made use a natural fiber dominate (mainly organic cotton)

Tasc Performance is leading the way in eco-friendly design and sustainability. That is all great, but is Tasc Performance good? I love a good story, but as runners and athletes, we also need a good product.

Tasc Performance Apparel Review

My experience with Tasc Performance:

I tried a fun outfit in desert leopard print (because, of course, I did).

ALLways Sports Bra:

Sports bras are one of the most tricky pieces to get right. I don’t believe a lot of brands have. I’ve had bad experiences with sports bras being too see-through, thin, not supportive, complicated, or not cute. There always feels like there is something.

Materials: MOSOtech 280gsm: 51% organic cotton / 34% bamboo viscose / 15% elastane

Fit: In sports bras, I usually wear a small or 34B. The small fits well but is not a high-impact bra. If you are looking for a basic, non-see-through bra, the ALLways bra fits well and is comfortable. I have run in it, and it supports well, but it’s not going to be the most supportive bra out there. It is one of the most comfortable sports bras I’ve worn and doesn’t dig into my skin.

ALLways 7/8 Pocket Legging

The Tasc Performance ALLways 7/8 Pocket Legging are 7/8ths length and have pockets on the side.

Materials: MOSOtech 280gsm: 51% organic cotton / 34% bamboo viscose / 15% elastane

Fit: Typically, in bottoms, I wear a size XS, and that is what I opted for with the ALLways 7/8 Pocket Legging. It fits true to size and slightly more compressive than many brands I’ve tried. Not in a bad way, but you’ll get a tighter fit.

Experience: I’m able to do anything in them truly. I can run, do errands, or live life. Sometimes with running leggings, they look awkward (too athletic?) to wear to live life, but these are fit, and they are comfortable and flattering. Of any legging I own, these are one of my favorite. They are flattering, fit well, and perform well. When I thew them in the wash, they came out looking the same and didn’t shrink.

Tasc Performance Conclusion:

I really like the Tasc Performance gear and will probably order more. Everything is comfortable, and you truly feel like you’re wearing nothing. I appreciate how sustainable and eco-friendly Tasc Performance is too.

You can see more gear reviews here. You can also try Tasc Performance for yourself here.

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Question for you: What is your favorite eco-friendly or sustainable brand?

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  1. You might be interested in the Rockay brand, also bamboo based fabric. I have a pair of their knee-high compression socks that I like very much, wore them for my marathon last October. I’m trying to find some compression shorts with pockets for phone, etc. and would prefer sustainable brand.

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