Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

It has been a minute since I ran in Newton. For those who don’t know, the Newton Gravity was one of my first running shoe ever. In fact, I almost run exclusively in Newtons until working at the running store 6 years ago. I ran the in Newton Gravity 1 and Newton Gravity 2. I believe I ran in a pair of the Newton Gravity 3, but that was the extent of it. In total, I ran in 17 pairs of Newton Gravity (I distinctly remember counting one day).

I found this gem from the early days of blogging: I learned: a: I ran in a lot of Newtons. b: my photography has gotten better. (or maybe c. phone camera quality is better)

Back in their heyday…

Anyway, when I started working at the running store in 2014, I began running in different brands. I haven’t come back to Newton until this year. For those who don’t know, Newtons have a unique sole with “lugs.” They take some time to work into and you will have issues if you start running all of your mileage in them immediately.

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Quick Facts:

Heel to Toe Drop: 3 mm

Weight: 9.1 ounces

What are the Newton Gravity Lugs?

All models of Newtons hae lugs in the forefoot.  The lugs allow your body to be at a more flat heel to toe differential. If you are looking for a lower heel to toe drop, the Newton Gravity 8 has a 3 mm with the lugs.

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Fit:

First, it would be unfair to compare the Newton Gravity 8 to the original Newton Gravity. Like most brands, the upper is much more breathable and engineered mesh uses no seam on the foot to fit your foot better. For the Newton Gravity 8, Newton introduces Adaptive Fit, engineered mesh.

The seamless upper molds to your foot for a secure ride. Newton wants the Gravity to feel “amazingly” soft, breathable and snug experience. I do appreciate the Newton Gravity 8 is wider than previous models and molds to the contours of my foot well. I typically wear between a women’s size 10-11 wide and the 10.5 fits well.

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Ride:

Like any Newton Running Shoe, the Newton Gravities take time to get work into. Since the Newton Gravity has a 3 mm heel to toe drop, which puts more stress on your calves. If you have already been running in lowering heel to toe drops and minimal shoes, it should take less time to get used too. What is different when the Newton Gravity, is even though it has a minimal heel to toe drop, it has full foot cushioning. The trampoline-like cushioning system causes the foot to bounce back and lose less energy.

Most people’s first impression is they feel “weird” or “different.” It’s different than the traditional foam-core running shoe. You feel the lugs under your feet and you feel them walking around. Even though I’ve run in Newton Gravities, it still felt weird to come back to them 5 years later. Weird in a good way.  Take your time getting used to them. I started running 1 mile in them (then switching into another shoe) for the rest of my run to make sure my body felt good.

When you first start running in the Newton Gravity 8, you’ll notice the lugs.

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

What do the lugs do?

The lugs help promote a midfoot strike and propel you forward. All Newton Running shoes use proprietary “Action/Reaction Technology.”  The movement of the lugs generates the Action/Reaction Technology. It creates a responsive ride that provides less energy loss than most traditional running shoes.  Similar to an adidas running shoe but that quality and durability is much higher in Newton.

Now that I’m used to them, I’e run anywhere between 1-10 miles in the Newton Gravity 8. I like how cushioned they are while still being responsive.

One issue that has always been a problem is Newtons can collect debris.  I’ve gotten many rocks stuck between the lugs. I recommend sticking to the roads where the technology of the lugs can be used and less debris gets stuck between the lugs.

Newton Gravity 8 Shoe Review

Newton Gravity 8 Conclusion:

I like the Newton Gravity 8 and it’s fun to run in a shoe that was so familiar to me for so many years. I will continue to run in them and use them more for daily runs. I think they fit best there. Finally, it’s essential to mention the Newton Gravity 8 is $175. Newton has claimed you can get more mileage out of the shoes.

When I ran consistently in the Newton Gravity, I found I could get between 500-600 miles; when many shoes, I could only get 300-400. Every foot is different and when your body doesn’t feel good, it might be the shoes. Do I think the price of the Newton Gravity 8 is worth it? I do think if you get the full amount of mileage in them, you aren’t paying much more.

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Diadora Mythos Elite TRXHoka Bondi 6, Newton Gravity 8

Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell RebelReebok Float Ride Run fast ProHoka RinconNike Pegasus Turbo 2

Long Runs: New Balance FuelCell RebelMizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races: New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Reebok Run fast Pro, 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Newtons before? Have you tried the Newton Gravity 8?

What was the first shoe you ran in? 


Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k (21:38)

Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k (21:38)

Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k Race Recap

On paper, the Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k might the slowest race I’ve run in a very long time. It was windy, my legs felt stiff, and I was tired. Early in the week, my body felt great. I felt like I could run fast. Friday and Saturday, my legs felt stiff and tired. They felt anything but ready to run fast.

I tried to remind myself that I’m coming off a marathon, but in 2019 it feels like I’ve taken 12 steps back when I was never forward. Anyway, I got the race around 8 did a 3-mile warmup and got to the start at 8:55. I knew my body wasn’t feeling great and because it as on the water, the wind was worse.

Once I got to the start, I chatted with friends, including Skip. The Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k started a few minutes late around 9:05-9:10. There were a lot of fast people out for a small 5k.

During the first mile, I knew it was a time I would “feel awful in the warmup and also when I raced.” My legs felt heavy and like I had no turnover. I hit the first mile at 6:38.

The second mile of the Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k turned around and headed back where we came.  I knew when we got to the end of the road and ran parallel to the water; we were going to be running into a headwind. Once we made the right, we went straight into a headwind and it felt like I was standing still. There was no one around me, so I had no one to block the wind from. I just kept running. The wind was so strong, it muffled the beep of my watch and I never heard it.

We turned right again and got out of the wind. My legs were tired and my mind was just as tired. Since I realized doing a 3-mile warmup and then racing was probably not my “smartest idea” because 6 miles was the longest I’d run since New York City.

The final mile of the Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k felt better since we only ran a small stretch into the headwind. By the time I knew it, I could see the finish line. I powered through and finished in 21:38.

Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k Thoughts:

2019 has been the year of me thinking: Can I get any slower? Which reality has been yes! 2019 hasn’t been my year of running PRs or running fast. I’ve had more important things to focus on. I’ve enjoyed myself and had good workouts and races. The Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k was in hard conditions on a hard day. Do I think I’m capable of running a 20:XX when I’m not racing into a headwind? Yes. I’m happy I ran the Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k and it is a beautiful tribute to Cpl. Marc T. Ryan.

Question for you: What’s your least favorite element to run in? (for me, it’s wind)


PonyFlo Hat Review

PonyFlo Hat Review

PonyFlo Hat Review

One thing I’m trying to incorporate more into the blog is reviews of running and fitness things that aren’t shoes.  For the longest time, I was a visor only person. A regular ballcap would give me hat hair for a week and honestly, after losing my hat at Shamrock 2016, I was over hats.

Ponyflo contacted me a few weeks ago to try their hats. Before looking, I thought, Nah. Then after reading more about them and noticing the design, I thought it might be what I’ve been looking for along.  While Ponyflo sent me a hat to try, I’m not obligated nor being paid to write a review.

So What is a PonyFlo Hat?

Typical ballcaps and hats have a fixed hole in the back. If you have long hair, it makes it impossible to pull your hair through. You either lose hair or the hat doesn’t come off.

Ponyflo hats have a unique design that allows the entire hat to open in the back.  This means if your hair is long or thick, you can adjust to let your hair to “flow” through easily.  When you take the hat off, you don’t lose hair. Ponyflo hats use a tangle-free adjustable Velcro opening in the back.

While PonyFlo Hats Make their Active Design, They also make lounging around “game day” hats, beanies, and what caught my eye first: Cat mom!

Are PonyFlo Hats Good for Running?

I was worried by how PonyFlo Hats would stay put when running. I’ve used the Classic Active Hat a few times on pouring rain and windy runs and it’s stayed put the entire time. I haven’t had issues with it falling off, coming undone, or just being uncomfortable. Like a visor, I forget it’s there.

If you are like me, with long or thicker hair and looking for a hat: PonyFlo Hats are a good fit for running and working out.  Finally, it’s the first baseball hat designed by a woman for women.


Finally, Ponyflo Hats was nice enough to give a discount code for all readers. Using Fueledbylolz will get you 25% of your purchase.

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Questions for you:

Do you have issues with hats and running? Do you wear a hat while running? 

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop (Appalachian Trail)

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop (Appalachian Trail)

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop (Appalachian Trail)

Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacle are supposed to two of the best views on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania.  They didn’t disappoint. Both points offered an endless view of the Leigh alley and surrounding areas.

Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Even though it was 25 degrees when we started, the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop parking lot was busy. When we started at 8 am on a cold day, we got one of the last spots. By the time we were done around 1 pm, the parking lot was filled and people were waiting. While we didn’t see an overwhelming amount of people on the  Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop, there were people out. To avoid the crowds for a day trip, hike the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop early. I didn’t realize it was a big tourist attraction too!

The Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop is about 9.1 miles and has 1300 feet in elevation gain. 

After you park at the Hamburg Reservoir parking lot you’ll follow the gravel road (blue-blazed) uphill where the hike starts.  While you can hike to either Pulpit Rock or on the Pinnacle Loop, for the full hiking experience, hike the 8.7 mile circuit together.

Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Start of Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Then make your way onto the white trail (Appalachian Trail). The first two miles are the hardest when you climb to Pulpit Rock and the first ista.  The next mile requires climbing over rocks and also low-grade scrambling.

Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

You’ll need a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or trail shoes. (I prefer the Hoka Speedgoat Midi).

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

It’s rocky terrain with a rocky slope to get to Pulpit Rock.

Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Once you reach the top of Pulpit Rock, you’ll see views of Lehigh valley, surrounding ridges, and Pennsylvania farmland. After taking in the iew at Pulpit Rock, follow the trail to the left. That will take you along the Pinnacle Loop.

Hiking the Pulplit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

To continue on the Pinnacle Loop, you’ll take the blue trail.  You’ll follow the ridge and pretty much have a beautiful view until you get to the Pinnacle. After the Pinnacle, you’ll pretty much be on fire roads the rest of the way back. The last 4 miles are easy hiking and an easy downgrade to the bottom. You won’t have to worry as much about rocks and terrains and can easily take your time.

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

Hiking the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop

In all, the Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop was one of my favorite hikes to date. 

You can see more hikes here.

Questions for you:

Hiked the Appalachian Trail? Hae you hiked Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop?

What is one of your favorite hikes? 

Training Log: Getting Back to Speed

Training Log: Getting Back to Speed

I’m not training for anything right now. The rest of 2019 is about regaining speed and enjoying myself while doing so. Last week was the first time I ran since New York. My legs didn’t feel sore early in the week, but they began to feel the mileage in the later part.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes + 4-mile hike
Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 30 minutes
Thursday: Rest
Friday Easy 45 minutes
Saturday: Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k 21:38
Sunday: Long Run 10 miles at 8:02 pace


I’m happy with my week and getting mileage in. My body doesn’t feel as sore as previous marathons, which is nice.

I’m looking forward to getting back into training and getting speed back.  Easy runs are just that, easy and uneventful to build mileage back up.

Cpl. Marc T. Ryan Memorial 5k (21:38):

It was windy with gusts of 40 MPH and mile 2, was almost exclusively into a headwind. On top of that, my legs didn’t feel good. I don’t know the last time I ran a 21+ minute road 5k, but it gives me a relative baseline to work from.  I’m happy I showed up and I’m looking forward to getting to more 5ks.

Sunday Long Run: 10 Miles 8:02 pace

I prefer the 10-mile distance above 15 or 20 miles. 8:02 pace isn’t an “easy pace,” and I felt as though I was working hard but not 100%.  Right now, my easy pace is more like 9-10 min miles, but I’m probably going to keep a faster long run each week for now.

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Questions for you:

What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

Do you have any big winter plans? 

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