lessons learned about running
Lessons About Running Learned the Hard Way

Recently, someone asked what I would change if I could go back in time and was new to running. Truthfully, there isn’t a lot I would change. As cliche as it sounds, some of my stupid mistakes are what led me to where I am now. There are lessons I’ve learned the hard way with running, but I think we all have.

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How Important is "Heel to Toe Drop" in a Running Shoe?
How Important is “Heel to Toe Drop” in a Running Shoe?

The other day, someone asked me what “heel to toe drop” is and how important it is in a running shoe?

Like any advice I give with running shoes, if a shoe feels good and you are uninjured, it’s probably a good shoe for you. There is no perfect shoe for anyone.

The term “heel to toe drop” is relatively new and became more popular after the book Born to Run and the creation of zero drop shoes like the brand Altra.

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Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy While Running?
Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy While Running?

Why do my legs feel heavy while running?

A common question and something almost every runner has gone through at some point. One day, you feel great…then the next, you don’t. Why? Why does a usually easy pace feel so hard?

There are so many reasons your legs might feel heavy when running. Some are more serious than others. Some might even surprise you.

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