Tracksmith Fall Gear Review
Tracksmith Fall Gear Review

Recently I tried the Tracksmith Fall Gear. I never anticipated needing cold-weather gear in the desert. I mean, truthfully, I didn’t know anything about the climate and assumed it would just be hot all of the time. Boy, was  I wrong, and we are already down in the low 30s on some mornings.

I wrote about my first Tracksmith apparel here. Oddly enough, it’s still one of the most viewed posts on the blog.

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Spacerock Trail Half Marathon (2:30.04) me running
October Training: Many States

Once again it’s time for another training log and another month that went by fast. Where is time going?

For me, I spent a good portion of October away from the desert. I went on a long trip to the east coast from October 1-14th, then spent a few days in Anaheim for a conference. So in reality, I only spent about 50% of my time in the desert. I’ve started to really enjoy my desert time. Who would have thought?

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How Important is "Heel to Toe Drop" in a Running Shoe?
How Important is “Heel to Toe Drop” in a Running Shoe?

The other day, someone asked me what “heel to toe drop” is and how important it is in a running shoe?

Like any advice I give with running shoes, if a shoe feels good and you are uninjured, it’s probably a good shoe for you. There is no perfect shoe for anyone.

The term “heel to toe drop” is relatively new and became more popular after the book Born to Run and the creation of zero drop shoes like the brand Altra.

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