rabbit EZ Collection Review

rabbit EZ Collection Review

Recently I tried the rabbit EZ Collection. You can read my full rabbit Apparel Review here. I was excited to try their newer collection because while I LOVE their running gear, I haven’t tried much of their relaxation gear. Designed to take it easy, the rabbit EZ collection is comfortable and soft.

rabbit EZ Collection Review

About the brand rabbit:

The brand is just called: “rabbit,” not run in rabbit. Obviously, the rabbit dot come weblink and username was probably taken a dozen years ago. The brand rabbit is also lowercased.

Rabbit was created by two lifelong runners Jill and Monica. I’ve had personal conversations with both, and I can say they are two of the nicest people I’ve come across. Monica has owned a running store for 13 years, and Jill has been a lifelong runner. I’ve come to know the entire rabbit team and they are all great. Great product is important, but it’s nice when great people own it.

About the rabbit EZ collection:

The rabbit EZ collection is made from rabbit’s most comfortable fabric. As someone who has run in almost everything rabbit has to offer (when you find a brand you like, you stick with it, haha), I agree it’s one of the most comfortable fabrics they have. They have said you can run in the rabbit EZ collection. It’s been too hot to do so outdoors, but I’ve several times on my treadmill, and it’s been comfortable. I look forward to falling when I can more in the rabbit EZ collection.

rabbit EZ Bra:

  • Adjustable straps and removable cookies.
  • Materials: 89% polyester/11% spandex
  • Lined with “rabbitKNIT”, a blend of 87% polyester/13% spandex.
  • Created in California
rabbit EZ Collection Review
Was worried about the metal clasps but they seem to be a nonissue

Sizing: Typically, in sports bras, I wear a size small, and this fits as a size small usually does. I was worried about the metal clasps in the back because metal clasps don’t usually function well for me. I either chafe, or it heats up in the desert, but the rabbit EZ bra doesn’t do that. Plus, if it gets wet, it dries quickly.

rabbit EZ Collection Review

rabbit EZ Tank:

  • Materials: 94% polyester/ 6% spandex
  • Fitted and lightweight. This doesn’t fit loose.
  • Created in California

Sizing: In running tops, I typically wear a size small. There are very few tops I don’t, and this continues that trend. It hugs the body and isn’t loose, but it’s not super tight. As someone with a longer torso, it hits at about singlet length.

rabbit EZ Collection Review

rabbit EZ Short:

  • Materials: 89% polyester/11% spandex.
  • 7” inseam.
  • Created in California

Sizing: I’m 5’8 and generally a size 4 in shorts. The XS fits best in these rabbit EZ shorts. Generally for rabbit sizing, and XS fits best for longer shorts, and a small fits best for shorter shorts.

rabbit EZ Collection Review

rabbit EZ Collection Experience:

For lounging, I find the rabbit EZ collection to be one of the most comfortable, softest clothing I own. I find myself grabbing towards the rabbit EZ collection more often than not. Sometimes my spouse makes fun of me and calls me a giant grape since I’ll be wearing purple on purple on purple. If you are looking for a high-quality lounging-around outfit, consider any of the rabbit EZ collection. I would definitely wear the tank out and about. The entire collection is extremely soft and comfortable.

rabbit EZ Collection Review
Haven’t taken the rabbit EZ collection outside for a run yet but has felt good inside.


I like the rabbit EZ collection for enjoying life and chilling. It’s some of the softest clothing there and I feel relaxed when wearing it. My experience so far with running in the rabbit EZ collection has been good, although I haven’t run when it’s been extremely hot or raining.  In all, I’m definitely a fan.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the rabbit EZ collection?

What is your favorite lounging around gear?