Saucony Apparel Review

Saucony apparel review

Recently I tried a few Saucony apparel pieces. It’s been a while since I run consistently in Saucony shoes and their clothing. No real reason why but I’ve gravitated towards other brands. Saucony is doing great things in the trail space, so I looked forward to trying some of their newer clothing.

Around 2016, I lived life in Saucony everything. I loved their compression shorts, and they were one of the first brands to adopt seamless and long moisture-wicking tanks.  In fact, I still have a couple that I wear from time to time. This was when I was a loyal Triumph fan, and their shoes just seemed to work for me.

Saucony Apparel Sustainability:

One thing that excites me about Saucony apparel is they are slowly becoming more and more sustainable. Saucony chooses to make many of its products using recycled polyester insulation and organic cotton fabric. Their goal is to make as much natural, organic and recycled content in their products as possible without sacrificing performance and durability.

I love the idea of sustainable and eco-friendly gear, but also…is it good running gear?

A few Pieces of Saucony Apparel I Tried:

Skyrocket Bra:

Material: 89% recycled Polyester and 11% Spandex

Fit: Typically, in sports bras, I wear a size small or 32-34B, and the size small fits well.

I wanted to love the Skyrocket Bra, and support-wise, it’s good. It’s a classic sports bra with no frills and nothing you don’t need. However, if you wear above a size C, you’ll most likely find it’s not enough support for you.

My gripe comes that it is see-through. Some people don’t care; I do. I won’t wear it alone, but I am fine wearing underneath layers. While Saucony apparel is generally good, I think they have some work to do on their sports bras. Then again, I think 95% of companies do.

Bottom line: It supports you if you’re below a size C, but keep in mind it’s paper-thin.

Saucony Rerun Tank: 

Material: 12% Elastane Mesh Piecing/ 80% Recycled

Fit: I typically wear a size small and ordered a size small. It fits well and true to size. It’s lightweight and fits true to size.

This was the first piece of Saucony apparel I tried in a while. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it fits well and performs well. I love the detail in the back that allows for an open fit while running.

This Saucony apparel has quickly become one of my favorite pieces lately. It breathes well and performs well.

Stopwatch Short Sleeve: 

Material: 100% polyester and 70% recycled

Fit: Like the Stopwatch tank, the short sleeve fits loose and true to size. I usually wear a size small and ordered the size small.

I’ve actually noted I need more short sleeve shirts, so this is a perfect shirt.

me saucony shirt

Women’s Fortify 3″ Hot Short:

These types of 3-4″ shorts are my staple. I own probably 10 pairs but have about 3 favorites.

Material: 75% Recycled Nylon and 25% Spandex

Fit: In running shorts, I typically wear an XS, and these fit well. I don’t feel like anything is moving or riding up.

I was probably most excited to try this piece of Saucony apparel. I appreciate they have a zippered pocket in the back. I’ve used it to hold gels with no issues. If you are looking for a basic back spandex style short, these are great.

me saucony gear

Women’s Fortify 8″ Biker Short:

If you know me, you know my love of biker shorts is currently at an all-time high. I need more and more!

Material: 75% Recycled Nylon / 25% Spandex

Fit: In running shorts, I typically wear a size XS bottom. These are extra small and fit well. I appreciate the 8-inch inseam, and they hit just above the knees.

Comfort-wise they are great. I haven’t had any issues with chafing, and I forget I’m wearing them. They are one of my more favorite shorts right now. Plus, the back zipper makes them a great piece of Saucony apparel for long runs. I can hold gels or a car key.

Women’s Outpace 2.5″ Split Short:

Material: 86% Polyester (43% Recycled) and 14% Spandex. The liner is 100% Recycled Polyester

Fit: In running shorts, I typically wear a size extra small. I ordered a size small in these, and they fit a little better. They are SHORT, and since I’m 5’8, I’m glad I ordered up.

I have been wearing shorts more often (versus spandex), and I really like these. I love the bright and bold purple color, but they fit well and don’t feel like they are falling. They have become a staple short for me.

Saucony split shorts me running

Saucony Apparel Conclusion:

Are Saucony clothes good? Yes! I’m happy I tried out some new things. Plus, Saucony Apparel’s price isn’t that high, and they are much cheaper than many other brands. Full price, you’ll find shorts for $40 (versus $50-60+ incomparable brands).

The only thing that I need to mention is that the sports bras are thin and aren’t going to support bigger cup sizes.

Finally, the commitment to sustainability from Saucony is wonderful. I can’t wait to support them more.  Personally, I will probably skip the sports bras and wear something more modest, but their shorts are all regular staples for me.

If you are looking for sustainable and quality gear, Saucony apparel is good.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Saucony apparel?

What is your favorite running short?