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Contributing to Global Running Day

The first Wednesday in June is usually dedicated to Global Running Day.  It seems like one of the least important things going on right now.

The theme this year is: Run 1 Tag 1 social media challenge! It calls on people across the world to celebrate Global Running Day by running or walking 1 mile for someone that inspires them and tag a friend to do the same.

Truthfully I had a completely different posted drafted for Global Running Day, but due to current events, I took it down. It doesn’t seem right.  A lot is different this year, from social distancing to racism being brought to the forefront.

global running day

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Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Review
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Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Review

It seems like massage guns are all of the rage these days in the running world. I’ve always wanted to try a massage gun, but the price tag of $400+ intimidated me.

Addaday is already a leader for recovery devices in the running world. I’ve used a few Addaday products before, including the Pro Roller and Junior +. Like any recovery device, massage guns are only as good as you use them. If they sit in the closet and collect dust, you obviously won’t get the benefits.

Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Review

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me running
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May Training Log

May began “seriously” getting back into running. As I’ve mentioned in a few previous training logs, my goal for the foreseeable future is to build a base. I’ve run my PRs when I’ve run anywhere between 70-80 miles per week with speed work. While that’s not in the immediate future, I will hopefully build back there.

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Vincentown Diner

Takeout at the Vincentown Diner

Last weekend, I was in the area and decided to order take out from the Vincentown Diner. I’ve been to and reviewed the Vincentown Diner dozens of times since moving to New Jersey (not an exaggeration, I’ve been well above 30). Anyway, since the Vincentown Diner reopened for take out, I decided to stop by.

Vincentown Diner me

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Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review
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Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review:

Also known as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 or Zoom Pegasus, or any combination of Nike, Air, Zoom, and Pegasus.

The Nike Pegasus 37 is one of the most popular shoes out there.  The Nike Pegasus 37 is one of the best selling and longest-lasting shoes in the entire running industry. Unlike most Nike shoes, the Nike Pegasus 37 continuously stays around in the running industry.  In fact, it’s typically most people’s first running shoe; it was for me!

Nike Pegasus 37 Shoe Review

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