I thought it was about time I rewrote my about me section. The last time I edited and added sections was about two years ago.

This is edit number 5.
Edit 1 2010: Creation of LOLZ blog
Edit 2: 2012: College Graduation
Edit 3: 2013: Post graduation and work in the public health field for a year
Edit 4: 2015: Move in with a boyfriend then move two more times. Get married and work at a local running store.
Edit 5: 2017: Still married and enjoying life.

My name is Hollie, and I’m a 27-year old, and I live in New Jersey.  I’m about 5 miles from Philadelphia.

This is my typical demenor.
This is my typical demeanor.

I started this blog my junior year of college (2010) so let’s start there. 

During junior year of college I went through a lot of changes:

  • I quit competitive swimming, which I had been doing my entire life.
  • I ended a relationship with someone I dated throughout most of college.
  • I completely changed majors from math and education to public health.

Together these were the hardest but best decisions I have ever made for myself. If I wasn’t happy then, I sure as hell wouldn’t be happy now.


Fast forward through college. I finished my major at SUNY Potsdam and graduated in 2012. I interned and worked in the health promotions office at SUNY Oswego from 2012-2013.   It was a job a truly enjoyed from my coworkers to the actual position itself. However, due to seeing someone long term, I moved at the end of the school year in 2013.


*I am not a nutritionist, and my health degree does not give me credentials to tell you what to eat and how to exercise. 

I do have a lot of hours in nutrition classes, exercise science, and all that jazz, but I’m not certified in anything but the LOLZ.  I love working in the community and organizing in the health field, but I’m not a counselor or a dietitian.

This blog is my life, my journey, and LOLZ blog is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. 

With that being said, I do not post everything I eat because that is boring and who cares if I had 12 apples throughout the day.  Please don’t email me telling me to eat more because I might back sass you.

I'm a cake girl.
I’m a cake girl.

Weight isn’t a touchy subject for me; it’s just an objective number. I’m 130 pounds and 5’7.  I have no issues discussing my weight publicly because the stigma with weight is dumb.

Would you like me or not more if I weighed 129.9…who cares? So don’t use my “diet” as your own because you can probably create a better one anyways.


And now on to sports:

This one time I played soccer.  I sat there and picked flowers while skipping across the soccer field.  My dad told me I wasn’t aggressive enough, and that was the end of soccer. He said if I stuck to it I would get better but I didn’t stick to it and quit…so I never got better.

This other sport I played was tennis. At age 6, I threw my racket at an opposing girl and gave her a pretty severe knot on her forehead.  If I was a little older when that happened this blog would be called LOLZinJail.



My mom signed me up for swimming because it was clear I needed a sport others did not depend on me for.  She thought it would be a good idea since I spent the majority of my time on the computer playing roller coaster and zoo tycoon.

But not this computer...
But not on this computer…

I was overweight in middle school, but my parents never bluntly said it.  I was by no means the fastest swimmer and by no means motivated.  I swam because it was fun and it kept me busy. I would pull on those lane lines during backstroke or freestyle…I would goof off.

Something clicked during my ninth grade year.  I fell in love with the pool.  I enjoyed going to practice.  I wanted to better myself.  I finally started to enjoy swimming!

I swam miles and miles and miles...actually I swam distance events in college 1000/mile! Super #tbt

Throughout high school, I swim distance events such as the 500.  In college, I began to hate the 500 and began to love events such as the mile and 1000.  I’m the type of person who can stare at the bottom of the pool for countless hours and not get bored.

Swimming from Point A back to Point A 100 times doesn’t bother me.  You still had to be there for 2 hours for practice no matter what set you’re doing.

I did not choose my college for swimming and wasn’t even planning to swim until my roommate asked if I wanted to go to the swimming meeting.  How ironic-I ended up rooming with a former swimmer.  I met some of my closest friends through swimming and will never regret that time.  Fast-forward to now, neither of us swim anymore. We both run!

As I said earlier, I made a very hard decision at the end of junior year to stop swimming.

I was mentally retired and exhausted from swimming, and I wanted to focus on running.   I wasn’t enjoying swim practice or swim meets, and I was burnt out. It was time for me to go.

My entire running story has its own page because it’s that special.


Oh and I’m a real girl outside of blogging, running, and swimming too:

My dad was in the Navy, and we lived in incredible places.  I was born in California, moved to Japan, England, and my parents currently reside in Southern Virginia.  That’s my “hometown” at this point and still, make an effort to go back frequently.

family photo

When I lived in England, I attended British school. It caused me to pick up a thick British accent. Due to living in multiple areas my accent is rather unique. Think British girl moved to Virginia and then became Canadian.

After I graduated college in 2012, I worked in the Public health office for SUNY Oswego. While I loved my job in Oswego, I ultimately chose to move in with my boyfriend, now husband.

I moved to the middle of Texas in September of 2013. Due to the military, we moved to New Jersey in October of 2013 and have lived here since. I love living in Southern New Jersey and being a few miles away from Philadelphia.

Visiting Philadelphia with my brother Matt.
Visiting Philadelphia with my brother Matt.

Taking a risk and moving in with my husband was the best post-college decision I have made for myself. I had so many unknowns and variables, but life worked out. We are now happily married!

wedding 9

I can honestly say my life has come full circle since starting the LOLZ, and I’m incredibly happy where I am today.

 So in short if you just wanted to scroll to the bottom because I just rambled for about 1000 words here is a quick summary and a few fun facts:

Cliff notes:

  • I swam before running. Ultimately I stopped swimming and began running in 2011.
  • I have moved seven times since graduating college in 2012.
  • I love living in New Jersey.
  • I’m socially awkward to the max, and I don’t exist in real life.

As you can see, I’m a talker.  Thanks for reading and if you made it through all 1000 words then you deserve to be taken out to a local NJ diner!