Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review

Outdoor Voices Excercise Dress Review

I won’t lie, I’ve wanted an Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress since they came out. Apparently, so does everyone else because they’ve been sold out for months. For whatever reason, I happened to be on the Outdoor Voices website at the right time and found myself having access to a dress.

Outdoor Voices Excercise Dress Review

About Outdoor Voices (OV):

Outdoor Voices, also known as OV, is on a mission to Get the World Moving because we believe in Doing Things. They believe you should be moving your body and having fun with friends, and creating clothing to do so.

One thing I specifically appreciate about Outdoor Voices is the commitment to sustainability. They are moving towards complete suitability by reducing the use of conventional fabrics for more sustainable alternatives, including

  • Recology — Made from recycled Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Merino — Made from ethically sourced wool from New Zealand and Australia
  • MegaFleece — Made from recycled wool
  • CloudKnit — Our first bluesign certified product

They are also committed to using recycled and recyclable packaging, including reusable totes, and shipments arrive in 100% recycled paper envelopes or recyclable boxes.

Sustainability is essential to me, and I appreciate brands that continue to move in that direction.

An Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review? Why would you even want something like that?

Can because it’s fun be an answer? The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress has a built-in liner, compressive fit, and adjustable straps. According to Outdoor Voices, you can go from workouts to living life in it. But can you really?

I’ve definitely seen people posting photos working out in their Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, and I’ve even run in other dresses, but would this be something I would actually want to grab? There is a difference between last resort laundry day and wanting to grab it.

The latest version of the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress has been redesigned with new details to make it better. The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress’s updated version has a seamless spandex liner, adjustable straps, and even pockets! You have me sold with a dress with pockets.


I ordered my Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress in “poppy swirl” because I didn’t have anything similar in my closet.

What is the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress like to run in?

I ordered a size small. I’m usually a small top and small bottoms, so it made the most sense.  Keep in mind I’m tall. At 5’8, it’s hard to find dresses that fit well and aren’t awkward. Maxi length dresses aren’t always maxi length, and you get the point about shorter dresses. I don’t even try with midi dresses because I have yet to like how any fit. Anyway, that is beside the point.

With the compressive shorts underneath, the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress fits well. The grip on the bottom of the shorts reminded me a lot of Tracksmith shorts. It kept the shorts secure and, maybe, more importantly, didn’t chafe.

The dress itself is comfortable. I’m not sure I would do a long run in it because it gets hot. Even when we had weather around 60 degrees, I found the full-length liner getting hot for anything more than 30 minutes. It felt like a regular running outfit, and yes, I did get some funny looks.

Now, one thing I was excited about was wearing the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress just out and about. It’s not a secret I live in the desert, and just going outside makes you sweat. I wore my dress first to an all-day event outdoors. It was roughly 100 degrees, and honestly, it was comfortable all day. It wasn’t causing me to sweat or overheat as most things do. The shorts underneath made me more comfortable because it was also very windy. I definitely prefer it for wearing out and about. I can run in it in a pinch, but I’m not going to make it a dedicated running dress.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review

Cost: $100

Is $100 worth it for the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress? I would say yes. There are a lot of similar dresses from Lululemon and Athleta that cost about the same. It performed well and has a lot of functions in my life.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Conclusion:

I am pleasantly surprised by this dress. I didn’t know if it was just hype, but it performed doing anything I wanted to do. I don’t know if it would be my running race dress or anything, but it does perform well on runs and living life. I have no complaints, and I foresee myself getting multiple colors.

You can see more gear reviews here, order yourself an Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, and save $20.

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