rabbit Apparel Review

rabbit Apparel Review

It’s not really a secret; I’ve run in rabbit apparel for quite some time now. I don’t work for rabbit, nor do I get paid to talk about their gear. From 2017-2019, I was a rabbit ambassador, but life and the lack of running caused me not to apply for 2020.

Rabbit did not ask me to post a review, but after trying so much out throughout the years (and getting an email a few times a month, I thought I would write a review). The majority of my running clothing is a rabbit, and I have nothing but support and love for their gear and apparel.

rabbit Apparel Review

Like all of my running reviews, it is fair, and just because I like something doesn’t mean everyone else will.

I should have written a review in, say, 2017, when I first discovered rabbit gear. Since then, rabbit has come a long way. Their quality has always been good, but rabbit has more offerings and more gear for everyone.

rabbit Apparel Review

About the brand rabbit:

The brand is just called: “rabbit,” not run in rabbit. Obviously, the rabbit dot come weblink and username was probably taken a dozen years ago. The brand rabbit is also lowercased.

Rabbit was created by two lifelong runners Jill and Monica. I’ve had personal conversations with both, and I can say they are two of the nicest people I’ve come across. Monica has owned a running store for 13 years, and Jill has been a lifelong runner.

This might be one of the longer reviews since I’ve literally tried almost everything they have. That’s good, right? 

The Short: If you’re looking for the short of this review, all of the gear is quality made and also made in the US. Most of it fits true to size.  Some of the gear I purchased in 2017, I still own and wear regularly. Whoa.

If you like fast shortie shorts, they have them. If you prefer long 7 inch shorts (which I’ve recently grown to love), they have them. They have something for everyone.

rabbit Apparel Review
Seriously the 7-inch shorts are awesome. Let’s do biker trend forever.

A few things to note about rabbit apparel:

  • rabbit apparel is designed in California. While I like and appreciate they are made in the USA, they do not have gear that stands below 0 degrees or torrential downpours. If you are running on a torrential downpour day, you’ll still get wet. When I lived on the east coast, there were days I needed more substantial outerwear because it was too cold for California gear. Heck, some days in Napa, it’s too cold for rabbit gear (but I am also a baby).
  • They don’t have a lot of sizing options. Rabbit does have the XS-XL, but many people don’t fall in that size range. I don’t think the sports bras are the best for those with cup sizes above C.
  • Some of their gear is SHORT. If you are between sizes, go up. I am 5’8, and while I wear XS shorts in many brands, I prefer a small in rabbit shorts and tops. Small fits well, and I haven’t worried about them riding up.

rabbit Apparel Review

Onto the Review:

I’ll start with rabbit Apparel Tops:

rabbit Ez Short Sleeve:

Hand’s down my favorite top of any tops I own. I own older colors, but I run in it, I lounge in it, I do a lot in it (after washing, of course). It’s extremely soft. I never imagined paying $45 for a short sleeve t-shirt, but I’ve had mine for years, and it’s the softest shirt I’ve ever owned.

me running rabbit

Bunny Hop Tank:

The bunny hop tank was one of the first things I purchased from the rabbit. Since then, they’ve come along way, and they have several different colors.

The bunny hope is singlet length, so it sits just above your hips. As someone who is 5’8, I’ve found it fits perfectly for running (I personally prefer something longer for lounging, and I hope one day they do make a longer tank). It’s moisture-wicking and doesn’t chafe.

rabbit Apparel Review

Crop Hop:

The rabbit crop hop is one of their bread and butter. Back in 2017, there weren’t a lot of crop tops offered for sub elites. Unless you had a team kit, finding a crop top was like finding them was like a needle and haystack.

Rabbit designed all different colors for everyone and anyone I find really pushed them into the forefront of people’s eyes. The rabbit crop hop tanks allow you to run with your own sports bra (but they do have very good bunny hops with built-in bras). I’ve raced several races in the crop top, and it’s by far the best fitting crop top I own. It’s a good length, so it doesn’t sit awkwardly on your stomach. It feels flattering and doesn’t cut off. As far as sizing, wear whatever regular size top you typically wear. I wear a small.

rabbit Apparel Review

EZ Tee Long Sleeve:

One of my favorite tops for when I need a long sleeve. Like the short sleeve, it’s soft and fits well. It also has looser sleeves, so your arms don’t feel suffocated if you run in them. Finally, yes, there are thumb holes which are important these days.

rabbit Apparel Review

rabbit Apparel Bottoms:

I’m going to work my way from shortest rabbit shorts to longest rabbit pants and joggers.

Ready let’s bun:

The ready, let’s bun are the briefs designed for running and racing fast. If you’ve owned any briefs, you know it can be hard to find something that fully covers your butt, like a bathing suit bottom or underwear. The rabbit, “ready let’s bun,” do. I’ve raced in them several times and never had any wardrobe issues.

Crawlin Crab half marathon hampton

First place (2.5″ inseam):

First Place was the first rabbit short I ever bought in 2017. It’s spandex short and is tight, short, and made for speed. I personally prefer them for races because I feel fast. They also have 3 pockets in case you need fuel (which I used for the NYCM).

rabbit Apparel Review
Mt first shorts from rabbit and I still wear them

Catch me Outside (2.5″ inseam):

Admittedly, I don’t wear these as much as many of my other rabbit shorts. I like them a lot, but if I’m going that short, I do prefer spandex instead. That’s just me! The Catch Me Outside are great on a rainy day because they dry faster than any other short I’ve owned. I often think they could double as a board short if necessary.

Run the runway 5k me

rabbit Leggy (4″ inseam):

Note: It looks like right now, rabbit is sold out of the leggy 4-inch inseam. Hopefully, they come back soon. 

This is the perfect length for me. As someone who is 5’8, I find myself looking for things that my butt doesn’t hang out of more often than not. The rabbit Leggy 4″ is perfect. There is a back zippered pocket as well as side pockets to hold what you need. I’ve stuffed gels, car keys, and everything I need. If I only had one short, it would be the rabbit leggy.

Hopper Short (4″ inseam):

The Hopper short is essentially a longer version of the Catch me Outside. If you like running shorts at the 4-inch length, they are great. For me, they are also great gym shorts (when I actually go to the gym). I’ve run miles in them before and have always been fine. I also appreciate the rear zipper pocket, which I’ve stuffed my cell phone into.

rabbit Leggy (7″ inseam):

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with the biker shorts trend. I never thought I would be a biker shorts woman, but I guess California has changed me. The 7″ are great for anyone who wants a longer short or likes the style. Something I didn’t realize was some longer biker shorts are too long and hit right at the knee…anyway, the rabbit leggy 7 inch doesn’t do that.

rabbit Apparel Review

High and Mighty Tights:

I never thought I would be a 7/8ths tights person, but the high and mighty tights are great. They are thinner, so they won’t keep you warm on a super cold day, but they are fine for days in the teens. Or if you want a legging. I’ve run in them without fear they won’t fall down and also lounged in them.


The Joggalongs is the newest style from rabbit I’ve tried. I’ve been on the quest for a thicker jogger that I could maybe get away with wearing outside my house from time to time. The joggalong fits that. It’s not too tight but fits well as that calve. According to the rabbit website, the jogalongs are so comfy and so flattering that we know you will never want to take them off. I find this to be fairly true, and they are the first jogger that I don’t feel fits like sweatpants or is too thin/tight. I might as well wear leggings.

rabbit apparel conclusion:

Oomph that was long. In short, if you are looking for a great company with clothing made in the USA, rabbit is a great brand. You won’t find better brand owners than the rabbit apparel brand owners Jill and Monica. Finally, if you are looking for a discount code, I’ve had one for years.

You can save 10% off on rabbit apparel by using this link and see more gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried rabbit apparel?

What is your favorite length of shorts?


  1. I love my rabbit tops! I have several bunny hop tanks and a couple tshirts from races they’ve partnered with. Most of my summer runs or even colder runs I’ll wear the tanks alone or as a layer.
    Personally I find that their (loose, not spandex type) shorts fit pretty oddly on me. I size up in their things I’ve tried even though my size is normally consistent across every other big athletic brand. I do have a couple pairs of the trail shorts that I wear for the pockets, but they don’t fit my shape entirely right so they’re not my first pick unless I want the numerous useful pockets. But they really are great quality!

    1. Rabbit does make so comfy clothes. Their shorts and EZ tops are great. I found the shorts for me ran small and I had to size up (size 4-6 and wore medium shorts in case anyone reading is checking them out!)

      1. Thanks for your input, Lauren! I appreciate how soft their clothing is.

    2. That makes sense Jamie and thanks for sharing your experience. I am jealous they’ve partnered with races you’ve done, how cool is that! I’ve struggled lately to find a spandex short with pockets that fits well lately.

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