Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained:

Over 16 months ago, I blogged about running podcasts that keep me entertained.  Since then, some have come and gone. The podcast world has only gotten bigger since early 2018.  These days you can find topics ranging from weight loss to marathon running to interviewing professional runners, whatever your interest.

I’m by no means an expert (and you will not see a LOLZ Podcasts anytime soon) but here is an updated list of podcasts I’ve been listening to.  I’ve listened to at least an episode of each podcast, but not every single episode of everyone. I prefer light-hearted podcasts. Most of these podcasts are hosted by runners for runners.

For me, I listen to podcasts when I’m working or even cleaning. I struggle with listening when I’m running because I can’t focus and run. Although some of my long runs that are a couple of hours long I’ve listened to podcasts.

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Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Here is a bigger list of more Running Podcasts:

1609 Podcast (This running podcast focuses on all things running from training tips to endurance running)
Ali on the Run (weekly running podcast, funny, interviews distance runners of all skills)
Another Mother Runner Podcast (Hosted by Sarah Bowen Shea: Everything from nutrition to race day training)
BibRave (a running podcast dedicated to everything running related)
Citius Mag Podcast (Interviews elite and professional athletes)
Clean Sport Collective (Interviews professionals about Clean Sport and Doping)
C Tolle Run (Informative and interviews many elite runners, Carrie was an Olympian herself)
Diz Runs Radio (Interviews everyone from the first runner to the last, the trail runner to the marathoner.)
Endurance Planet (performance and health-based running advice)
Final Surge (interviews everyone from professional runners to coaches)
For the Long Run Pod (Informative with guests not on other shows, A lot of interviews are in person which I can appreciate)
I’ll Have Another (funny, informative, and interviews runners of all levels.)
Keeping Track (Hosted by Professional runners Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan talk about the professional side of running).
Keeping up with Kelsey Cansler (informative and fitness related)
Man Bun Run (run podcast that is informative, interviewing many ultra runners)
Marathon Training Academy (everything distance runner and marathon-related)
Marathon Talk (Based out of the UK, everything running related)
Morning Shakeout (a running podcast that interviews with well-known runners and people of the sport)
No Meat Athlete Radio (200+ episodes of plant-based information and interviews)
Ordinary Marathon (Running podcast for runners and interviews a bit of everything)
Strength Running (Running and Training Tips. Nothing is time sensitive so you can listen in whatever order)
Rambling Runner (interviews distance runners of all abilities and levels)
Rich Roll Podcast (a plant-based running podcast about running and endurance athletes)
Road to Olympic Trials (Follows 8 athletes on their quest to the 2020 Olympic Trials)
Runners of NYC (interviews runners of all abilities living and trianing around NYC)
Running for Real by Tina Muir (an informative running podcast about everything for runners including nutrition, training tips, and well being)
Running Rogue(training tips and information on the current running world)
Trail Runner Nation(A running podcast dedicated to all things trail running and endurance running)
The Extra Mile Podcast (Follows runners training for anything from a 5k-full marathon).
Ultra Runner Pod (A running podcast about all things ultra running and endurance running!)

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Questions for you:

What are your favorite running podcasts? 

What’s your favorite run podcast episode? 


  1. ‘That Running Podcast’ is my favourite – although it didn’t make it on the list. Informal chat hosted by ex-pro GB runners. Doesn’t fail to make laugh.

  2. Morning Shakeout is one of my favorites.

    A few other running podcasts I like:
    Everyday Running Legends – Interviews with runners at all levels (host is Australian and a lot of his guests are Australian or British)

    Billy Yang Podcast – Runner & filmmaker interviewing mostly ultra/trail runners. Great for long runs/commutes. Billy has a great voice & great way with guests. (There’s a Morning Shakeout interview with Billy Yang that’s excellent too.)

    Humans of Ultrarunning – Hosted by Candace Burt, an ultra race director (famous for the Triple Crown of 200s) who also holds the women’s Wonderland Trail FKT. Also very long interviews, primarily trail/ultra/FKT runners.

    Ginger Runner Live – Ethan Newberry, another runner & filmmaker, hosts this one. It’s a live YouTube interview show but also distributed post-air as a podcast.

  3. I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to while I run. Well, that and audiobooks I guess. I am going to check some of the ones you listed out as I hadn’t heard of them yet. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Well one that I just finished specific to running was North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Scott and Jenny Jurek. It was really interesting hearing from both of them about Scott’s run. Also, I always enjoy audiobooks that have the author nararate the book and in this case it was both Scott and Jenny.

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