February Training Log: More Vertical, Less Workouts

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February training was not quite what I anticipated, but then again, none of 2020 was either. Today, March 1st, I celebrate the year anniversary of my last race. During the race, I broke my foot. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself since then. As cliche as it sounds, I thought I was “ready to get fit” then. I was not. I needed time to build back up. Since taking breaking my foot and recovering, I’ve run some of the highest mileage weeks I have in a long time. Even though I have zero races coming up, I’m enjoying running more and longer. I look forward to the day I can actually showcase some fitness…who knows when that will be.

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Miles Run: 355
Range of Paces: 5:31-19:15-untimed
Shortest Run: 3 miles
Longest Run: 15.5 miles
Workouts: 5 (mostly lowkey fartleks)

The goal of the month: Run a 10,000 vertical week


I didn’t swim much in February. Truthfully, I think I burned myself out in January by getting there too much. I try and offer myself grace, although it can be hard not to compare. I don’t “need to get to the pool.” So I didn’t.

Most of my workouts were low-key fartleks. I did get to the track a couple of times (which, after my mile repeats, I would like to pretend I never happened). I needed more low-key months, and getting the mileage in felt good. Plus, it was hard to really schedule a workout with snow and ice heading up North. (and it felt miserable to try to do so). I had some of my favorite runs in the Oregon area and I hope I can go back in the summer sometime.

In all, I’m happy with how the month went. I got in miles, and I’m hoping to do some more speed work in March. My goal for March is to get speed work in and hopefully get some faster workouts in.

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Questions for you:

How was training in February? 

What is your goal for March? 

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  1. This past summer I did a vertical challenge and really enjoyed it! Although I mostly hiked up mountains and then ran down. It was a great change of pace esp with no races lined up! Good luck !

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