UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

Recently I tried the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun. The massage gun market has exploded in the last few years. It’s been hard to find what is good and what will break in a few weeks or the high-quality massage guns cost hundreds of dollars, between new shoes and other gear, who really wants to pay several hundred dollars for a massage gun.

So with that, I tried the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun. UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

What is the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun?

According to the website, the Repro massage fun is “pro-level treatment in the comfort of your home.”The massage gun works to decrease soreness, aches, and pains by 65% in just 30 seconds.

A few features of the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun:

  • Touch-Screen, Power Adjusting Technology
  • 4-6 Hour Battery Life
  • Uses up to 40 Strokes per second
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • 24 Month Warranty plus a 90-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

What’s included with the RePro Massage Gun?

  • A soft case durable briefcase for storage
  • The massage gun
  • A wall charger
  • Blunt end circular attachment
  • Bullethead attachment
  • Pointed attachment
  • Offset fork attachment
  • Large Ball attachment
  • Flat triangular attachment

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

How Portable is the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun?

With the soft case briefcase, the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun is easy to bring around, and you don’t have to worry about losing pieces. Each part of the RePro fits nicely into the case.

What makes it different from other massage guns?

Most massage guns work by using repetitive strokes into the muscle. The RePro massage gun goes about 15 mm deep and works about 40 times a second. What does all of this mean? It goes deeper than the average massage gun. According to the website, it goes 60% deeper.

The RePro Massage Gun also has 30 different power levels. This means you can customize to pretty much whatever you need. Most competing massage guns do 1-5. I really appreciate the 30 different power levels because I don’t want to do the same pressure in my calves as my hamstring or other areas.

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review
So many different attachments

Pressure Customization is extremely important with massage guns because of a few reasons:

  1. Not every body part needs or should have the same pressure.
  2. You don’t want the same pressure depending on if you’re nursing an injury or wanting to recover post-workout.

Finally, the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun has 6 attachments. I haven’t seen many (if any?) massage guns that have 6. I’ve seen a few with 5, but most have less.

My Experience:

I found UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun easy to use. When it arrived, it was packaged nicely. I put it on the charger while I was doing work. Swapping the attachments is fairly easy, and you don’t feel like you’re on the edge of breaking when you are swapping them out.

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

My favorite attachments include the offset fork as well as the bullet. I find those get into my calves the best.

The large ball is great for sensitive areas such as the abductor’s muscles. The rest each serve their purpose, and I’ve found them to get deep enough for the right muscle groups. Since I primarily use the RePro Massage Gun on my lower body, I’ve found myself gravitating towards the attachments I can do deep into my legs.

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review


One of the most important components of massage guns is noise. Some of them are NOISY! Not that is a big deal, but the quieter, the better. The UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun is on on the fairly quiet end, and while you’ll hear it when using it, you don’t feel like it’s obnoxious.


Right now, the RePro Massage Gun is only $213 (regularly $470). For the quality of the gun and the number of customized features, I think it’s a great option, and I would suggest it.

Does it Work?

I’m a big proponent of things only work if you use them. If you spend 15 minutes a day using the RePro Massage Gun, you’ll notice a difference. I can tell the days I use the RePro versus the days I don’t. My legs and body just feels fresher. I’ve also been able to work out some major knots which is always a plus. The RePro Massage Gun works as it says it will.

Conclusion/Would I recommend the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun?

Massage guns are only as good as you use them. I find the price and quality worth it, and I’ve found myself recovering on days I actually use it.

You can try the UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun for yourself here.  Plus using the code HOLLIE gets you 20% off.

UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun Review

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Questions for you:

Have you tried a massage gun? Have you tried UltraRecovery RePro Massage Gun?

What is your favorite workout recovery piece?