Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe Review

Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe Review

The Brooks Ghost 12 is one of Brooks staple shoes. It’s probably the most sold shoe in the running industry. The release date of the Ghost 12 was July 1st but due to the Brooks distribution center moving and their ongoing shipping issues, it was delayed. It seems to be stocked, for now.  I’ve reviewed the Ghost 9, 1o, 11, and here we are at 12.

This year the Brooks Ghost 12 has gone up $10 and now retails at $130. It’s not my favorite thing to tell people but not the most expensive running shoe out there. Both the men’s and women’s Ghost 12 come in a multitude of colors.

Brooks Ghost 12 shoe review


The Brooks Ghost 12 comes in a variety of colors. I like white shoes so when the melts collection came out, I knew that was the shoe I wanted. The Ghost has one of the best fits in the industry. The other plus about the Ghost 12 is it comes in wides, double wide, and narrow. (Also known as 2E).

The Ghost 12 has a narrow heel but wider toe box to allow feet to splay. I’ve consistently been in a women’s 10.5, and that seems to still work in the 12.

The Brooks Ghost shoe design is meant to “disappear on your foot”, like a Ghost. The 11 was slightly more narrow and the 12, while wider than the 11, still fits similar to the 11.

The upper of Ghost 12 is seamless with minimal stitching. Brooks uses 3D Printed overlays on the mesh to help bring down the weight and maintain the shape and structure of the shoe.

If you have a wider forefront or bunions, you won’t have much irritation. The most significant update in the Ghost is in the upper. It’s all aesthetic, so it will just look slightly different.

Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe Review


The Brooks Ghost performs similar to previous models.  The Ghost 12 is one of the most standard running trainers out there. It’s known to roll forward to you feel as though you’re being propelled through your run. The heel is soft with a more responsive forefront.  It’s not super soft like the Hoka Clifton but also not as responsive as Saucony or New Balance.

The Brooks Ghost uses DNA Loft foam which runs from the heel through the midfoot. What does this mean? The DNA Loft cushioning is soft and adds the extra cushion on the heal as well as the transition (midfoot).

On the bottom of the shoe, Brooks uses “a Segmented Crash Pad” and “Flex Grooves” in the forefoot.

Segmented Crash Pads are small shock absorbers in the outsole. Each one works independently to cater to your form and where your foot lands. Together they make a smooth and seamless transition from heel to toe and a smoother step from previous versions.

Essentially, if you’ve run in previous models of the Ghost, the Ghost 12 will feel similar.

I’ve done long runs and easy runs in the shoe. For me, it feels the best as an easy run shoe. I prefer something slightly more responsive for workouts and faster long runs. The traction remains great, so if you’re running in the rain or ice, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe Review

Compared to a few other Brooks shoes:

Compared to the Brooks Glycerin 17, there is less cushion in the Ghost.

Compared to the Brooks Launch, there is more cushion in the Ghost 12.

Compared to the Brooks Richochet, the Ghost is a softer shoe

Compared to the Brooks Levitate 2, there is less cushion and it’s a softer ride with the Ghost.

Brooks 12 Conclusion:

The Brooks Ghost is one of the most traditional shoes out there and also one of the most sold running shoes out there. It’s an excellent staple for daily runs and easy runs. If you are looking for a neutral trainer that can do most everything, the Ghost is a good place to start.

The Brooks Ghost 12 didn’t change much since the Ghost 11.  Both versions of the Ghost use DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole. The smooth ride will feel very similar, and if anything have smoother transitions.

Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe Review

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Hoka Bondi 6,  Brooks Ghost 12

Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell RebelReebok Float Ride Run fast ProNike Streak Lt,

Long Runs: New Balance FuelCell RebelMizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races:  Reebok Run fast Pro

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Big Cottonwood Week 7: Swim Races and Running for Toilets

Big Cottonwood Week 7: Swim Races and Running for Toilets

This week was full of challenges, in a good way. I had a lot of fun traveling down to see my family and running two unique but fun races.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes running
Tuesday: AM: Easy 60 minutes running
PM: 3000-meter swim
Wednesday: 4X1 mile repeats (total mileage 10)
Thursday: 3000-meter swim
Friday Easy 10 miles with Alexis
Saturday: Allen Stone Run Swim Run (with wu/cd total mileage 8)
Sunday: Run for the Toilets (Total mileage 15)
Total: About 56

Week 1: Hello Humidity

Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw

Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW

Week 4: Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs 52 MPW

Week 5: Training: Workouts and 10ks 46.5 MPW

Week 6: Big Cottonwood Week 6: Firecracker 5ks 47 MPW


What a week!


I mentioned a few weeks ago, that swimming fits best in my schedule 2X a week. For a while, I was doing 3X, but I don’t want to burn out. Swimming twice a week keeps me engaged and enjoying it without feeling forced. This week was different with a bonus 1000 meter swim in the open water.

Workout Wednesday: 4X1 Mile Run

I’m happy I’m able to get back on the track. Since the students are out, it’s easier to use the track and not worry about team sports. Anyway, the workout felt difficult.

My legs have struggled to get any turn over in them. I didn’t realize how humid it was on Wednesday (around 98%), but I’m happy with my effort.

Allen Stone Run Swim Run:

I will have a full recap of this soon, and I surprised myself. The race is 1k on the beach, then swim it back, then 5k on the boardwalk. I was 55th person after the first 1k on the beach, and I ended up having the 22nd fastest swim of the day, which surprised me the most!

Then when we went into the 5k on the boardwalk, I went from 12th women to 4th. If I had been another mile, I could have been the second woman. No one (male or female) passed me on the run, and I’m proud of that. I all, I am thrilled with how the week went.

Run for the Toilets 5k:

My dad found this race in the local paper. They have a house up in Onancock (the house with the pet donkey), and he thought it would be funny to do. When we found out winners got plungers, we knew we had to do it. I ran the entire race alone, and it was more of a workout. I wanted to get a long run 15 miles), so I was careful not to hurt myself. I averaged about 7:15 miles and ended up breaking a toilet paper tape.

In all, I’m happy with how the week went. It was nice to relax and hang out with my family. Next week will be back to the regular grind.

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New Balance FuelCell Rebel Shoe Review

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Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (34:14)

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (34:14)

I always enjoy races in Atlantic City. There is plenty of parking and usually flat and fast. Last year I ran the Bungalow Beach 5 miler, and I knew I wanted to come back this year too.

I arrived around 7:10, and after getting lost in the Tropicana, I made it to the start line. The packet pickup line was long, and it delayed the start of the race.

Instead of starting around 8, the race delayed until 8:15. After the race went off, I found myself in the 5th woman.

Last year I won, so it was hard to absorb, but I’ve gotten better at racing where my fitness currently is.

I hit the first mile in 6:43. Around 1.5 miles, we went off the boardwalk and looped around the street. I made my move to pass a woman. I passed her, attempted to look strong, and moved forward. We got back up on the boardwalk around mile 2.

The next 3 miles were a straight line towards the end. One of my favorite parts of AC is I always seem to know a lot of people racing. During the next couple of miles, I got to see friends going the opposite way and cheer for them.

I ran between 6:50-6:55 miles. I felt like I could keep going but struggled to pick up my legs and move any faster. It’s a problem I’ve had lately. I can’t seem to break out of running 6:50 pace. I just trucked along.

Around mile 4, someone yelled, “don’t let her beat you.” I assumed it was too another female. Since I was in third, I didn’t lose my podium spot. I mentally tried to run faster, although I don’t think I did.

The finish goes over a pedestrian bridge into the sand, and me trying to hustle on soft sand is comical. I crossed in 34:14 and as 3rd female. It turns out the person behind me was another male.

I cooled down for a couple of miles and enjoyed my time on the shore. When I picked up my race award, I found out I won an ice scraper from the sponsor: Lexus. Useful and also random.

me bungalow beach 5 miler

Questions for you:

What’s the most random race award you’ve won?

Have you ever run on sand? 

Bit Cottonwood Training Week 4: Beach Runs and Long Runs

Bit Cottonwood Training Week 4: Beach Runs and Long Runs

Last weeks training was ok. I didn’t get done everything, but I raced and ran long. Both last week and next week will be busy in life. I’ll have more about that soon but my personal life and summer took a 90-degree turn as of Saturday.

Anyway, this is about running right? During this marathon cycle, I said I wasn’t going to be miserable. I’m going to work hard and get the long runs in, but I’m not going to slave away to marathon training during the summer.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes/Swim 2 miles
Tuesday: Easy 10 miles with Skip
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Easy 9 miles with Alexis
Saturday: Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (34:14) Total mileage: 10
Sunday: Long Run: 16.8 miles
Total: About 53


Week 1: Hello Humidity

Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw

Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW

Week 4: 52 MPW

I planned to get into the pool three times last week but only had the time once. I haven’t been able to get in the pool as much recently, but I’m hoping to get back there over the summer. Next week our community outdoor pool opens so it will be much closer.


My easy runs were easy. There is nothing to note about that. I mentioned in a previous post but most of my easy runs are untimed. I average 60-minute runs to be about 6.5 miles. Is it 6.1 or 6.7? The world may never know.

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler:

It’s becoming evident; my body is comfortable at a 6:50 pace. I’ve raced that speed for almost everything recently. It feels challenging but not all out. I can’t seem to get my legs to move any faster, and this race was no exception. I’m not disappointed with the race, and it finished on the sand. I took it out comfortably and was able to pass two women to end up as 3rd overall.

Since school is out, it will be easier for me to get to the track. I need to work on paces that aren’t comfortable, which isn’t easy when most of your workouts are alone.

Long Run 16.85 miles averaging 8:06 pace:

I decided to get out of my usual routes and run in Philadelphia (only about 10 miles from my house). It was nice to have different scenery and the run went by fast. I’m happy with my effort and the second half of the run was faster than the first.

Next Week:

I’m just trucking along. I’m hoping to get a faster speed workout in as well as another local race.

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Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review

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Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review

Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review

The Topo Fli-Lyte is one of Topo Athletics most popular road shoes. I haven’t tried previous versions but tried the Topo Magnifly 2. Topo Athletic is a newer brand to me, and I’ve only started running in them recently. I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Topo Fli-Lyte 3s to try.

Quick Stats:

Weight  7 oz
Drop: (3mm drop)

Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review


The Topo Fli-Lyte 3 uses engineered mesh. There are no printed overlays or seams, which makes it great for someone with a wider forefront or bunions. While it doesn’t come in wide, the standard width is much wider than several brands.

The mesh has much larger holes, so it’s more breathable than previous versions. Typically I wear between a women’s size 10 and 11 wide, and the 10.5 fit well.

Like the Altra Escalante, the Topo Fli-lyte 3 shoe has a naturally shaped but snug fit. I appreciate the roomy toe box with enough room for your toes to splay (You never want a running shoe to be too tight).

Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review


The Topo Fli-Lyte 3 is extremely light. At just 7 ounces for women and 8 for men, it’s one of the lighter trainers out there. If you prefer minimalist or lighter shoes, it works as a trainer. Topo Athletic wants you to have a “natural running experience” and that ground feel. For me, it fits well as a speedwork or long run shoe. It’s not a trail run shoe, but can be used on groomed trails. I prefer them as road running shoes. I’ve done a few longer runs in them and I appreciate the cushion while still being light weight.

To reduce weight, Topo has removed rubber from the bottom. Removing rubber also removes overall traction.  There is still rubber in critical areas such as the toes, forefront, and heel.  That allows for traction upon contact. Many brands have removed most, if not all rubber to reduce weight. That, in turn, makes the shoe much less durable and it won’t have good traction on a rainy day.

Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Shoe Review


In all,  I like the Topo Fli-Lyte 3, and I will continue to use it as a speedwork or faster long run shoe.  The more roomy toe box and lower heel to toe drop make Topo Athletic a great brand for anyone running in Altra as well.

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Hoka Bondi 6Topo Magnifly 2Hoka Mach 2,

Speed Work: Topo Fli-Lyte 3, Reebok Float Ride Runfast ProNike Streak Lt,

Long Runs: Mizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races: Nike Fly, Reebok Run fast Pro

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Topo?

What is your favorite shoe? 

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