Neversecond C30 Gel Review

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

I was excited to try the Neversecond C30 Gel. I am a fan of the brand Neversecond and have tried the Neversecond C30 Drink Mix. Neversecond works with elite athletes such as Jordan Hassay, so you know if it’s good enough for pros, it’s good enough for us too. However, I do wish they had more information and studies with “regular” athletes like me. Running a 2:30 marathon requires a different fuel strategy than a 3, 4, 5, or even 6-hour marathon.

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

About the brand Neversecond:

Neversecond began when lifelong endurance runner and successful entrepreneur Bill Armstrong couldn’t find nutrition supported by cutting edge and current science. His quest to find it led him to the laboratory of Asker Jeukendrup, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading scientific authorities on sports nutrition.

Jeukendrup has been at the forefront of sports science research for nearly 30 years and has worked with several world-class athletes. Bill and Asker agreed that the sports nutrition world was full of inaccurate information. Their goal began separating the myths from facts to create the best scientific nutrition to enhance performance and recovery.

About the Neversecond C30 Gel:

Their C-SERIES of Neversecond products are designed to help endurance athletes. Together with the “NEVERSECOND Guidance System,” endurance athletes now have a more personalized guide for their nutrition.

C-SERIES products are formulated to have 30g increments of carbohydrates. This makes it easy to plan and know how many servings you need.  Plus, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or unnecessary ingredients in the Neversecond C30 Gels.

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

What makes the Neversecond C30 Gel Different?

  • Uses increments of 30 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Glucose: fructose carb blend optimizes fuel delivery and hydration
  • Isotonic for fast gastric emptying
  • pH-neutral
  • Mild Flavor – Gentle on the stomach
  • Informed-Sport Certified
  • 200mg sodium promotes rapid water absorption

My Experience with Neversecond C30 Gels:

I was excited to try the Neversecond C30 Gels. I’ve been looking for different fuel products for longer runs and workouts. I liked that the Neversecond C30 Gels are known for their milder flavors, and I was already a fan of their drink mix.

I appreciate how easy to consume the C30 packaging is. You don’t have to worry about tearing through a package just to get to your gel, and it’s easy to use while dashing.

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

Flavors of Neversecond C30 Gels I tried:

  • Citrus: Citrus is milder. If you are someone that doesn’t want anything with many flavors but just enough, the C30 gel is a good option. It reminded me of mildly flavored water.
  • Berry: The berry is similar and very mild.

Of the two flavors, the Berry was my favorite but both taste fine and were easy to consume.

I first tried the Neversecond C30 Gels on a longer hike. With water, they digested and sat well in my stomach, and I had no issues. I’ve since used them for road and trail runs, and during each type of activity (hike, long run, harder effort run) they’ve sat well in my stomach with no problems. I appreciate that the flavor is mild, especially if you already have some sort of flavored electrolyte mix (like the C30 Drink mix).

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

Cost: $39 for 12

They are one of the more expensive gels, which I could say is their biggest con. It’s hard to justify paying $3.50+ for a gel.

Neversecond C30 Gel Conclusion:

I am a fan of the Neversecond C30 Gels, and I appreciate the mild flavor. I have been using them for several types of runs, from long to trail runs. The only real cons I can see are the cost, and if you are someone who prefers something more flavorful, you might want a different gel. I also hope eventually, Neversecond shares more stories of us regular athletes and how the product works for them.

Neversecond C30 Gel Review

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Questions for you: 

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