Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review
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Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review:

The Hoka One One Cavu has been one of my favorite shoes since the first version 2 years ago. When the original Hoka Cavu came out, I liked how responsive and light the Hoka Cavu is. I found it great for workouts and faster longer runs because I feel more connected to the ground.

If you’ve run in Hoka shoes before, the Hoka One One Cavu 3 is a lot lighter and a lot less shoe than other Hoka models. It’s also similar to a shoe like the New Balance 1400 or Saucony Kinvara versus the Hoka Bondi 6. My body appreciates the cushion of the Hoka Cavu 3, but also enjoys how responsive it is for workouts.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

The Hoka Cavu 3 looks boring and not like a Hoka shoe. Just glancing at it, you might not even realize it’s Hoka at all. There is a lot of cushion in the Hoka Cavu 3 without it being heavy or bulky.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Quick Facts:

Hoka Cavu 3 Weight 7.2 oz
Hoka Cavu 3 Heel to Toe Drop: 4 mm

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Fit:

From previous versions, the Hoka Cavu 3 upper has been completely redesigned. The Hoka Cavu 3 now has a stretch knit upper with a bootie construction. The tongue of the Hoka One One Cavu 3 is attached to the shoe so it doesn’t slide around. The tongue-less construction makes it fit more like a slipper than a shoe. Hoka claims the lace less adaptive stretch knit upper provides a secure fit and I would tend to agree. It almost feels like you could run with the shoe untied and be fine.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

As Hoka mentions, the Hoka Cavu 3 now uses zonal perforations within structured sections to allow increased breathability.  The perforations allow more breathability in the inclement weather. We haven’t had much of that this winter, but I imagine it’s also good during the summer.

I’ve been wearing a retired Hoka Cavu 2 for living life and I already notice the tongue difference. One thing that I’ve noticed is the Hoka Cavu 3 does run slightly more narrow than previous versions. I typically wear either a women’s 10.5 or men’s 9.5 in the Hoka Cavu and I found even the men’s 9.5 was more narrow than previous versions. Is the Hoka One One Cavu 3 too narrow to run? No, but more narrow than previous versions.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Cavu 3  Ride:

The Hoka One One Cavu 3 has entirely changed from the Hoka Cavu 2. This made me both nervous and excited. I was a fan of the original Hoka Cavu the most and I also liked the Hoka Cavu 2, but still like the original the best.

The cushion is made up of a top layer of PROFLY material with a layer of EVA underneath. This blend makes the Hoka One One Cavu 3 light and soft but also responsive. The updated eva midsole provides more comfort underfoot and cushion in the Hoka Cavu 3 and a reason you can run fast in it.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

The outsole of the Hoka Cavu 3 uses rubberized EVA. What does this mean? The Hoka Cavu 3 lacks blown rubber to grab the ground in inclement weather. While the Hoka Cavu 3 is not the worst shoe in icy or inclement weather, I would probably grab a different shoe if the weather is bad.

I’ve run a variety of runs in the Hoka Cavu 3 and find it best for faster long runs or workouts. I like the amount of cushion without being bulky.

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Shoe Review

Hoka One One Cavu 3 Conclusion:

I like the Hoka Cavu 3 and it will remain in my rotation. I will say, the original Hoka Cavu is my favorite but the Hoka Cavu 3 is a great addition. The lightweight comfort allows you to run fast but not bang your body up too much.

I’ve run about 50 miles in the Hoka Cavu 3 and will continue using it.

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Kudos Coasters
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A New Way to Display Race Medals with Kudos

As many people know, my New Year’s Resolution of 2020 is to get rid of things not serving me in a positive way. This could be tangible or not. If that interests you, you can follow along on Instagram @2020trashthetrash.

Anyway, one of the more significant tasks I’ve come across is Should I keep medals? Should I keep all of them? Some? Hang them on the wall? There are so many options out there.

Recently, I discovered Kudos, which is a unique way to turn your old race medals into coasters.  You don’t need to be a runner to use Kudos and you can turn any race medal, photos, artwork, or seashells. I think my next set of Kudos Coasters might be photos of my cats.

Kudos Coasters

The Kudos History:

Believe it or not, Kudos Coaster Plus was designed in five years. The founder, Ryan, started in a dimly lit basement and has evolved from there. He has since hired product designers to help morph Kudos into the coasters they are today. While Kudos is a common phrase (by runners on Strava ), meaning praise for an achievement, Kudos2U.com  is where you can find the coasters.

Kudos coasters also have tru-fit inserts so you can get a personalized fit and feel to the coasters. You could even design or paint your own.

Using Kudos as Coasters:

I’ve seen some creative displays of Kudos, but my favorite way is to display them as coasters. As a coffee and hot cocoa drinker, I can tell you the Kudos 2 U Coasters have to withstand both my coffee and hot cocoa with no issue or damage. Plus, the beveled lip makes it easier not to spill a beverage. The Kudos are designed to withstand 300-degree temperatures, so you don’t need to worry about them melting.

Kudos Coasters
Kudos Coasters are Stackable too

Can Kudo’s Store All Medals?

Obviously, some medals won’t fit into a Kudos Coaster, but for most of my medals fit. Sometime’s the ribbon is too large or bulky, so I cut them off. Or some medals make it easy to remove the ribbon without cutting it. I would say in the roughly 200 race medals I have; Kudos Coasters can accommodate 180 of them. It’s the custom medals or oversized medals that don’t fit in Kudos (like from the She Power Half).

Kudos Coasters

The Kudos Coaster Plus will fit any medal up to 0.5″ thick and 3.75” wide. If you find you need a little more thickness, you can remove the tru-fit insert. (I found this works well if you want to keep the ribbon inside the Kudos Coaster too).

Kudos Coasters

How Else Can You Use Kudos Coasters to Display Old Race Medals?

Using Kudos Coasters as Wall Decorations:

Kudos are fun because you can display on your wall without a medal rack. You can display your custom race medals and award medals on the wall without worrying about the ribbon taking up room.

Using Kudos as Refrigerator Magnets:

I got this idea from the website itself, but I use a few Kudos as big magnets.

Kudos Coasters
Taken from the Kudos Website

One thing that I appreciated is when I reached out to the founder, Ryan, to see if he would be interested in offering readers a discount, he replied himself! It’s awesome to talk 1-1 to the company founder.

I was lucky enough that Kudos is also offering 10% off to FueledbyLOLZ readers by using the code “FueledbyLOLZ.” You can find Kudos in many local running stores too (including RunningCo. of Haddonfield). Plus, shipping is free, which is awesome!

They make great gifts for the “runner that has everything,” which is what I’ve found myself getting a lot of runners lately.  I’ve been enjoying sharing more running related products that aren’t shoes and you don’t even need to be a runner to get use out of Kudos.

You can see more product reviews here.

Questions for you:

How do you display your finisher medals and racing bibs?

Have you tried Kudos Coasters before? 


Safety Skin Review
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Safety Skin Review

During the winter, more often than not, I start my run in the dark. By the time I’m done, it’s usually light or getting light. Staying safe while out is an important concept to me (as it should be to everyone). A couple of years ago, I discovered Safety Skin, which has been great for the weather lately. Continue reading “Safety Skin Review”