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Injury Log Week 11: Trucking Along

Another week of running down and for the most park, I felt fine, just tired. As I’ve mentioned, eventually I’m going to stop blogging about my calcaneus stress fracture and recovery. Truthfully, I worry (for no reason), when I stop blogging about it, I’ll jynx it and it will come back.  Which I fully realize is an irrational thought.

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How to Stay Motivated to Run
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How to Stay Motivated to Run

How to Stay Motivated to Run (With No Races)

Right now, it can be hard to stay motivated to run. For some of us, we don’t race, so the lack of races doesn’t change how we run. For others, we miss racing. We miss running with others and we miss having a concrete goal to strive for. Just because you can’t race, doesn’t mean you can’t be motivated to run. That being said, like anything, there is no right or wrong way to do the pandemic.  Just be healthy and be safe.

How to Stay Motivated to Run

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April Training Recap: Some Nothing, Some Everything

April Training Log:

Like many people, April brought around the sad realization that running races probably weren’t happening anytime soon. It also brought back running (for me). I wasn’t sure if I would be able to start running again in April or May. I’m happy that this particular injury was sooner rather than later.  Speaking of races, this is by far my favorite edition of the newsletter so if you’re interested in reading about how races and race directors are being affected by the pandemic, I highly suggest it!

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Injury Week 8: More Healthy Running…Am I Injury Free Yet?

How has it been eight weeks? As I probably continue to say…time is going both slow and fast.  I’m slowly adding mileage. Once I’m “in the clear” of an injury (which will probably be about 6 more weeks), I’ll stop blogging about training. I’ve moved to Strava because it’s just easier.

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