Copper Compression Review

Copper Compression Review

I was excited to try Copper Compression. I love good compression socks and sleeves, so I was interested in how Copper compared to other brands.

First, do compression sleeves work? It depends on the brand. There is medical-grade compression that works. Then there are glorified tube socks that are just tall stockings and don’t give much reduction.

Copper Compression Review

About the brand Copper Compression:

The motto of Copper Compression is “Strength to Heal.” They offer a full range of copper-infused targeted compressing gear that help professional athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone dealing with an injury, chronic pain, or normal wear and tear. I hoped to find more information about the brand but couldn’t find anything.

Products I Tried:

Leg Compression Sleeve:

Price: $20

Size: Small

The leg compression can be used on either the leg or right leg. It encourages blood flow and helps reduce muscle vibrations. The Copper-infused fabric has anti-microbial properties, and the four-way stretch constriction enhances movements while providing flexibility to flow freely.

I opted for the small size and found it wasn’t as compressive as expected. Calf sleeves are always super compressive, but the leg compression sleeve is “just ok.” I think they could use an XS or even XXS. I’m neither, but the smell wasn’t compressive enough for me.  Even after wearing it for 8-12 hours, I found that it didn’t smell, and I appreciated that its stretches with your body. I don’t necessarily think it will benefit a lot of runners the way I was hoping, but I believe it will help those needing compression. I would size down if you purchase.

Copper Compression Review

Recovery Calf Sleeves:


Size: Small

Many runners will tell you that calve sleeves help. Now there is no actual research that calf sleeves are better or the “best” way to recover, but they can help relieve leg lactic acid buildup. They can be effective for
Breathable construction helps you to maintain an ideal body temperature. Copper Compression claims they are effective for calf injuries, shin splints, cramps, arthritis, tendonitis, and even stress fractures.

What makes the Copper Compression recovery calf sleeves different? 

  • Copper-infused nylon means the protective Copper never wears off
  • The copper-infused fabric has anti-microbial properties.
  • 4-Way stretch construction enhances your movements while providing flexibility
  • Moisture-wicking materials that dry fast
  • Copper-infused fibers with anti-odor technology.

My experience with the Copper Compression recovery calf sleeves:

As loose as the leg compression sleeve is, the calf recovery sleeve is as tight. I was shocked at how fast the calf recovery sleeves were, but I was pleased. I prefer something more familiar and more compressive on my calves. The calf recovery sleeves felt good without being too fast and stiff to breathe. I actually can’t believe they are only $19.

Copper Compression Review

Powerknit Ankle Socks:

Price: $26

The Powerknit Ankle socks are designed as high-performance compression ankle socks. They feature targeted compression and support for the ankle and arch. You can reduce inflammation, prevent swelling, relieve symptoms from chronic conditions, and improve athletic performance.

What makes the Copper Compression Powerknit Ankle Socks different?

  • 15-20 mmHg targeted compression over the full sock to support muscles and joints.
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool and dry
  • The durable Copper-infused fabric has anti-microbial properties.
  • Compression + stability support your body during all activities.
  • 4-Way stretch construction to provide flexibility

Copper Compression Review

My experience with the Copper Compression Powerknit Ankle Socks:

I generally don’t love tight-fitting socks. Several years ago, I irritated a tendon in my foot because I wore too tight socks. The Copper Compression Powerknit Ankle Socks are close, but not so close that I feel my feet are suffocating. I found them very comfortable.


Is Copper Compression a good brand? Yes, they make many great compression products and aren’t too expensive. I’ve found I recover better using various products, especially the calf compression sleeves. You don’t need to be a runner; anyone can benefit from athletes to those in pain, those injured, or just anyone wanting to feel better. They do a great job at a reasonable price.

Copper Compression Review

You can purchase Copper Compression here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite compression?

Do you feel better with compression socks and sleeves? 



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  1. I do use compression sometimes, but mostly for recovery..I like sleeves better than a full sock, like you I don’t like or need that pressure on my feet…like 2XU….I went to sleeves because I just did not have the patience to pull on the full sock….you should see me put on and then take off a wet suit..I swear a lot

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