June Training: Moving, Mileage, and Heat

Truckee Running Festival Waddle Ranch Trail Half Marathon

Whew, I don’t really know where to start with my training in June. I have a longer post about running in the desert, but needless to say I think it’s the most challenging element for me.

Mileage Run: 332

Range of paces: 6:30-22-untimed

Rest Days: 3

Workouts: 7

Shortest run: 2 miles

Longest run: 14 miles

Favorite run: Double Dipsea Trail or Mt. St Helana Summit


June was just like any month you move: stressful. When I first mentioned we were moving, many people said “at least it’s in the same state”. It didn’t really matter if it’s the same state or not because I’m still a legal NJ resident. The move was still 400 miles and 6 hours away. If I made the same move on the East Coast it would have been the same distance of Boston to Baltimore…and the differences are just well…just as different.

Desert running has been EXTREMELY hard for me. I thought “oh it’s a dry heat, I’ll be fine” and that hasn’t been the case. It’s taken a lot longer to acclimate. Some days it’s above 100 before 9 am. Some days, the temp app reads 90 but out on the dunes you’re roasting in the direct sunlight and it’s well over 100. I bring water every run but it’s never enough. There have only been a handful of times I haven’t needed to stop and walk while running.

I am happy to be running though! Of course, I am. It’s hard to compare myself to Napa Valley miles or where I was running more, enjoying myself more, feeling better, and running more elevation. I was doing more and enjoying myself more. More is not always better, except when you say “enjoying yourself more”.

That is life and desert running has just become survival mode. My summer month goals have mostly turned to enjoy myself, get through the miles, and wait for cooler months. Now that races are really coming back, I am tooling with the idea of training for something (a half marathon).

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Questions for you:
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