Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

I won’t lie; the Asics Metaspeed Sky has piqued my interest for a while. It’s no secret Sara Hall has been on fire. One thing I respect about Sara (among so many) is the fact that she always races in Asics even when other professional athletes might run in a different brand over their sponsor.

Anyway, when the Asics Metaspeed Sky came out, I knew I wanted to try it. Unfortunately, it was sold out for weeks. The short review of this is the Asics Metaspeed Sky is the closest carbon-plated shoe to the Nike super shoes. It is the fastest outside of Nike.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

The first Asics carbon plated shoe, the Metaracer, fell short. Many people said it just felt like a racing flat. If you like 2016 racing shoes, you would probably appreciate it. I did! But not many other people did.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Intro:

The Asics Metaspeed Sky has a full-length carbon plate, utilizes Flytefoam Blast turbo, and has a breathable upper.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Quick Stats:

Weight: 7.3 oz

Heel to toe drop: 6 mm

Price: $250

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review
Weird to say but I like the unusual red box for this shoe

Asics Metaspeed Sky Fit:

Usually, Asics is one of the most narrow-fitting shoes, but I will say the Asics Metaspeed Sky is actually one of the widest carbon plated shoes. I am shocked! There is a fair amount of room in the toebox, and the upper is much more forgiving than other brands. It does fit slightly short.

The upper is rough and allows significant airflow. It drains quickly but also doesn’t get too hot. The tongue lies flat and secure, and unlike many shoes I’ve reviewed lately, the shoelaces aren’t extra long, but they are cheap. The laces don’t say: I spent $250 on these.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

In women running shoes, I tend to wear between a woman size 10-11 wide, and the women’s size 11 fit the best. If you are strictly using the shoe for less than a half marathon, I will stay the same size. If you are running 13.1 and beyond, I would go up half a size.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Ride:

The Asics Metaspeed Sky uses the new technology of “Flytefoam Blast Turbo Foam.” This foam is extremely light but cushioned. This allows the Asics Metaspeed Sky to be well-cushioned and light. Together with the full-length carbon plate, it propels you forward. Not all shoes with carbon plates are fast; the “fastness of the shoe” depends on a lot of things, including the curvature of the carbon plate as well as the foam it’s stacked against. Curving the carbon plate has a high failure rate which is ultimately what makes carbon plated shoes so expensive.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

The Flytefoam Blast Turbo is probably the closest thing to the Nike ZoomX foam. Yes, many brands say they have a competitor, but these shoes are still not as fast. The

Like the ZoomX, the Flytefoam Blast Turbo is lightweight, cushioned and springy. Asics, in general, is a softer brand, and the Asics Metaspeed Sky is softer than the Nike Vaporlfy. Not that I want to compare everything to Nike, but it is the fastest shoe, and brands are playing catch up (you read this as someone who doesn’t love Nike and doesn’t have relations with either brand).

Like most carbon plated footwear, the midsole of the Asics Metaspeed Sky is stiff with no flexibility. You can feel the carbon plate under your toes and it acts to propel you forward. Unlike the Next%, the base is slightly wider, so you don’t feel a lot of pressure in your arch and Achilles.

Durability and traction: The outsole of the Asics Metaspeed Sky uses “ASICSGRIP,” which is a flexbile rubber. Of any carbon plated shoe, it handles at the top during inclement weather. I was rather impressed, and if I had to do a workout in the rain, I would probably use it.

Durability-wise, I’ve run about 40 miles in it now, and it feels as though it will be a 100-150 mile type of shoe. Yes, I won’t have holes in the shoe, but like all carbon plated forward, the technology will probably be less magical after that. The outsole uses ASICSGRIP, a very soft, flexible type of rubber that feels really tacky on all surfaces. I used the Metaspeed Sky once after it had rained, and traction was still excellent.

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review
So much traction

Asics Metaspeed Sky:

As you can tell, I am truly shocked by the Asics Metaspeed Sky. I dare say this is the best shoe Asics has ever created and the only other carbon plated shoe competing with Nike. If you are looking for a race day shoe and want to go the carbon plated route, this is at the top of my recommendations. Plus, if you have a wider foot, the Asics Metaspeed Sky is probably the widest option (The Hoka Carbon X 2 is about the same).

Asics Metaspeed Sky Shoe Review

My Current Shoe Rotation:

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Long Runs: Hoka Clifton Edge,  Under Armour Sonic HOVR 3

Trail Running/Hiking: Hoka Torrent 2, Saucony Peregrine 11, North Face Flight VECTIV

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Questions for you:

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