CEP Compression Apparel Review

CEP Compression Apparel Review

Recently I tried CEP Compression Apparel. CEP Compression sleeves have always been my “go-to compression sleeve.” They use medical-grade compression, which means

The CEP Compression Apparel is relatively new! I love their compression socks and sleeves, so I was excited when they were getting into apparel too.

CEP Compression Apparel Review

About CEP Compression Apparel:

It’s designed to prepare, perform, and commit to all of your training. CEP Compression Apparel creates true, targeted compression that helps to improve blood flow and circulation to keep your legs energized throughout the toughest of runs, workouts, or hikes.

It’s designed to have supportive compression with high-quality materials that keep up with any gym sesh and are perfect for everyday wear as well!

I Tried the CEP Active Shorts as well as the Ultralight Singlet. In short, I was EXTREMELY impressed.

CEP Active Shorts:

I’m always looking for more compression shorts. It seems like that is half of my laundry each week. I was excited to find out that CEP Compression Apparel was launching a new short too.

Cost: $49.95 

This is similar to other brands making shorts, if not slightly cheaper.

I typically wear a women’s size XS-S. The small fits well, and it’s not too tight. I appreciate the higher waistband, and it doesn’t fall down.

The CEP Compression Apparel Active Shorts have a tight fit, but it’s not medical grade. If you’re looking for a looser short, this isn’t it, but it’s a great tight-fitting short. What I mean by this the tight fit will promote blood flow but not as much as a medical-grade item.

My experience: I’ve been using them mostly for running, but they are extremely comfortable. I don’t find them moving around, and they’ve quickly become one of my favorite shorts. I like the length that they don’t chafe and the fit.

CEP Compression Apparel Review

CEP Ultralight Tank Top:

The CEP Ultralight tank top is CEP Compression Apparel. First-ever sun protectant piece! It is designed to shield you from harmful UV rays. It’s extremely lightweight with a no-chafe seam. It honestly feels like you aren’t wearing anything.


  • Flat, no-chafe seam
  • Reflective technology for increased visibility
  • Breathable ultralight material with built-in UV SPF 50 protection

Cost: $39.95

I was shocked at the price. Competitor tank and similar tank tops are often in the $50-60 range, so a $40 tank top seemed like a great deal. But, even if it’s a good price, is the CEP Compression Apparel ultralight tank top good?

My experience: I usually wear a size small, and the size small fits well. It’s slightly longer, which I appreciate. I hate when tank tops are short and then become crop tops on me.

I’ll cut to the chase. This is one of my favorite tank tops. I love how lightweight and breathable it is. It makes a perfect race tank top or just a casual training tank when it gets too hot. Plus, at $40, it’s one of the cheapest and well-made tank tops I’ve found.

CEP Compression Apparel Conclusion:

I think CEP has done an incredible job on their clothing. While the clothing is more expensive than a lot of other running clothing, it’s high quality, and the compression can’t be beaten. I haven’t had any issues with either, and exciting to see more brands creating high-quality clothing.

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Questions for you:

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