Hoka All Adventure Hat Review

Hoka All Adventure Hat Review

The Hoka All Adventure Hat is something I’ve wanted for months. To be honest, it’s also been sold out for what feels like months. I quickly learned that I needed to cover my head and face in the desert. It’s hard to find something breathable that doesn’t make me sweat more. Usually, I am more of a visor person, but the bucket hat trend has intrigued me.

Hoka All Adventure Hat ReviewAbout the Brand Hoka:

By now, most people know about the brand Hoka. Hoka was first formed way back in 2009 but didn’t gain popularity until around 2014. When I first started working in run specialty, many people were overwhelmed with the thought of “so much shoe,” now /Hoka is one of the most popular brands in the running specialty world, as I like to say, more cushion for the pushin’.

Anyway, since then, the unique design of HOKA shoes has shattered what people believed to be the limits of running shoes.

About the Hoka All Adventure Hat:

  • Designed to be an outdoor and technical bucket hat. Made for working out.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable back buckle strap
  • 360-degree shade
  • Moisture-wicking headband and flexible brim
  • Adjustable drawcord
  • One size fits most

Cost: $28

At $28, this is one of the cheaper hats out there, but is it good?

Hoka All Adventure Hat Review

My Experience with the Hoka All Adventure Hat:

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve wanted the Hoka All Adventure Hat for months, but it’s been sold out. It’s not an exaggeration when I saw I frequently asked any and all Hoka employees when it would be back in stock. Finally, one day, someone told me there were 5, and within 5 minutes, I ordered one.

Right off the hat, the Hoka All Adventure Hat is comfortable to wear. I appreciate the wide brim. It’s comfortable to wear, and I don’t feel like it’s suffocating my head. Plus, the drawstring isn’t annoying and doesn’t get in the way. I was slightly worried about the “one size fits all,” but the Hoka All Adventure Hat fits well, and the drawstring makes it adjustable. You’re able to wear it with or without a high ponytail with no issues,

While running in the desert heat, I’ve found it to be comfortable and breathe well. I don’t have any issues when I sweat, and it doesn’t feel like it’s holding me back or causing me to overheat.

Hoka All Adventure Hat Review

Hoka All Adventure Hat Conclusion:

In all, I really like the Hoka All Adventure Hat. It fits well, is comfortable, and is about half the price of most technical bucket hats. The only problem is that it seems to always be sold out. Hopefully, Hoka can make more!

You Can Buy the Hoka All Adventure Hat here and see all product reviews Here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Hoka All Adventure Hat

Do you have any bucket hats?

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  1. I’ve been looking for a hat like this. Did you find it stays on comfortably in the wind? (The wind rips most caps off my head within minutes where I run.)

    1. Yes, where I live can get winds of 20-30 mphs regularly and I hvaen’t had an issue with it. Wind is why I usually don’t wear ball caps.

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