December Running Recap:

me running

I always feel like December gets lost in the mix. Like the long lost month of training posts. But December was a great month, running-wise. I’m running more than I ever have in my life, and I’m healthy.

me running

Miles Run: 385

Range of Paces: 5:46-18:48 (track miles to trail miles)

Workouts: 9


People ask me: why are you running so much? Quite simply because I can. I don’t have an in-person job right now, so I have the flexibility to do so. This time is something I haven’t had in years, but I also know it’s limited. So with the opportunity, I have taken it. Plus, without racing, I’m able to be more consistent with training. I’m not building up and tapering for races. I miss racing, but I’m taking advantage of being able to run consistently.

I never thought I would run above 300 miles in a month again, especially the same year as I broke my foot. The timing has worked out well.

Track Workouts:

I’ve been trying to get to the track once a week and doing standard and simple workouts like 400s or 800s. I find that just getting to the track is a big step for me, and I don’t need to complicate things more. I like simple workouts, so I’ve found things like 12X400s work well for me to build speed (and they have). I feel myself getting faster, and even my easy runs are much faster than they once were.

Tempos/Hard Efforts:

I ran several harder efforts, including a 19:31 5k on the track and a 19:43 5k on the roads. I also ran a 1:08 10 mile tempo. All of these are faster than I did in most of 2019 and all of 2020. Like racing, I don’t ever go into them with a specific time goal but see what I can do for the day. I push myself as hard as I can for the day.


One thing that I believe has kept me healthy while allowing me to do volume are the trails. Trail runners say this all of the time, but there are many days I run on the trails and log anywhere between 10-20 minute miles. They are hike runs, but miles never the less. They are a lot less stressful on my body than even 9-minute miles on the roads.

What is in store for January?

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I am building fitness (for what or when who knows), and I’m looking forward to running fast when the time comes.

My New Years Resolution is to do strength training 3X a week. It’s something I’ve consistently said I’ll do but haven’t or even half-assed it.

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Questions for you:

How was your month of December?

Do you have any goals for January? 


  1. My resolution is to do strength training at least 1x a week! (instead of 1x a month, whomp whomp). But 2x would be better. I would ideally like to do body weight exercises after a run, but I never, ever do it. I did exercise of some sort almost every day in December, so here’s to hoping I at least keep that up!

    1. I’m the same way. I always say “I’ll do this after I run” but I almost never do. I’ve found doing it a later time (sometimes I schedule it for my lunch at 1 pm or whatever) has been super helpful for me to actually get it done.

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