Vertiball Back Massager Review

Vertiball Back Massager Review

Recently I tried Vertiball Back Massager. If you’ve been sitting more than usual, you’ve probably got a few more knots in your back than usual.

Vertiball Back Massager Review


About Vertiball:

Vertiball was founded by Curtis Kennedy, who had back and muscle pain for most of his life. He never found a good way to relieve the pain. He tried tennis balls but remembered thinking if only he could mount them to the wall so they didn’t fly all over the place. A few years and hundreds of prototypes later, Vertiball was created. A wall-mounted massage ball that uses an industrial-strength suction cup to stay secure.

Vertiball Back Massager Review

Why Vertiball?

Vertiball uses industrial-strength suction cup technology that allows it to mount to you smooth, non-porous surfaces. This includes smooth drywall with at least two coats of paint, painted wood, and any other secure, smooth surface you can think of. The only requirement is that there must be an airtight seal around the suction pad.

Vertiball Back Massager Review

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger points or muscle knots are tight, tender spots in a contracted muscle.  They are also described as “myofascial pain syndrome.”

By releasing knots, you can increase your range of motion, flexibility and decrease muscle pain.

What Makes Vertiball Different? Vertiball has 360 Movement, which helps improve circulation, can alleviate headaches, relieves pain, and can improve flexibility.

My Experience:

Vertiball is easy to use and takes seconds to install. It uses industrial-strength suction cup technology. This means it can mount on smooth, non-porous substances. This includes drywall, painted wood, or any smooth surface around your house. I’ve heard people even put it on their fridge!

Vertiball Back Massager Review

I easily mounted it to my hallway wall and put it to the test. I find that Vertiball is the best for getting into the muscles of your back. Since I’ve been swimming more, my traps have gotten a lot tighter. In comparison, other massage guns like the addaday biozoom or even the Sidekick Tool will get into your back muscles; you need a second person. With Vertiball, you can do it all by yourself.  My back definitely feels a lot less tight.

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time or have a tight back, the Vertiball is a great option. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied, they have a risk free guarantee.

Vertiball Back Massager Review

You can purchase Vertiball for yourself here or see more gear and product reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you found yourself sitting more during the pandemic?

How do you alleviate back pain?