Oofos Boots Review

Oofos Boots Review

I’ve wanted to try Oofos Boots for a while now. I love Oofos, and I’m a huge fan of their sandals and slides. The boots make for a great winter option when you want a boot with support. As much as I would love to wear sandals year-round, my feet get too cold, and my Oofos sandals have gone into hibernation and for use on the pool deck.

Oofos Boots Review

If you aren’t familiar, not only does Oofos make sandals, they also make boots, shoes, and clogs, which all great for recovery. Oofos might not be walking the high fashion runway, but if your feet are happy and comfortable, who cares. What makes Oofos Technology different?

  • OOfoam® technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear.
  • Proprietary footbed design reduces stress on knees, ankles, and other joints.
  • Closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.

Oofos has made sandals and slides for a while now, but the Oofos OOMG Boot is the first closed boot with OOFOS OOfoam technology.

Oofos Boots Review

What is Oofos OOfoam?

Oofos OOfoam® technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear and works to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. Then there’s our patented footbed.

The OOfoam d supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% footwear. According to Oofos, walking becomes easier, and recovery becomes faster.

Oofos Boots Review

The Oofos OOMG Boot Ride:

The Oofos Boots are just as soft and “squishy” as the brand you’ve come to love. If you like the cushion of other Oofos products, you’ll like the Oofos OOMG boot. OOmg boots, don’t deviate from that. There is a lot more support than other boots, which makes them great for a runner or athlete who needs more support.

Oofos Boots don’t have as much traction as many winter boots. If you are somewhere with a lot of snow or ice, I would recommend being careful. Which is something I recommend anyway. For me, I use it the most when running casual errands. I have no interest or plans to hike or do long walks around town in them because that isn’t what they are designed for.

Oofos Boots Review

Oofos OOMG Boot Fit:

I have the OOMG Boot bootie, but the boot fits very similar; it’s just taller.

If you are between sizes, I definitely recommend going up a half size. Because most of the Oofos products are open-toed, I forget I actually wear a women’s size 10.5. In open toe shoes, 10 is fine, but closed-toed, I need a 10.5.-11. In the Oofos Boots, I prefer a size 11 and on the larger size of the spectrum. Even though I wear a wide in most running shoes, the regular width is fine (plus Oofos does not make wide).

The outer is made from a packageable and water-resistant material. It’s stretchy and allows your feet to breathe but also is water-resistant. Unlike many boots, you can stuff these in your suitcase and not worry about them taking up too much room. More room for an extra set of running shoes, I suppose. Plus, they are machine washable, which might be one of my favorite features of the Oofos Boots.

Oofos Boots Review

Oofos Boots Conclusion:

I love Oofos sandals and slides, and I wasn’t sure how the Oofos boots would stack up, but they are a great wintertime companion. They aren’t the warmest boot, but they are comfortable and make for a great post-run boot. I think they’ll be good for both the Spring and Fall too when temperatures are milder.

Oofos Boots Review

You can purchase your own Oofos Boot here and see more product reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried the Oofos OOMG Boots?

What is your favorite winter boot?