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December Training Recap: A Lot of Driving and a Lot of Swimming

Whew, Happy New Year.

December flew by. Maybe it was because I spent half of the month driving to and from Los Angeles. That paid off, and I am starting the New Year relatively injury-free. As most people know, I took a nasty fall in November. (I tripped over cats). This led to some of the most serious pain I’ve ever had. For about three weeks, I couldn’t do much without pain.

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Run Local Santa Barbara Half Marathon (1:29.12) ME RUNNING
Run Local Santa Barbara Half Marathon (1:29.12)

I’ve wanted to get to Santa Barbara for a few months now, and the Run Local Santa Barbara Half Marathon seemed like a perfect excuse. As many people know, the last few years of running have not been great for me. Being quite frank, I just haven’t run well and haven’t been able to get out of the plateau I’ve been in since 2018.

I’ve often wondered, “will I ever run under 1:30 again”? Technically my time at the San Francisco Half Marathon was under 1:30, but we went the wrong way, and I ended up with a 1:31. That didn’t help the cause, and it felt like the harder I trained, the further I got from 1:30. Read More

Conquer the Bridge (5.3 miles 6:52 pace)
Conquer the Bridge (5.3 miles 6:52 pace)

When I found out about Conquer the Bridge at the Los Angeles Harbor, I knew I wanted to do it. I enjoy hills and running up bridges. I think it plays to my strengths, and I respond well. The race has about 430 feet of elevation gain over 5.3 miles, which ends up being two major climbs of about 170 feet and a couple of small climbs throughout. Then the rest is downhill. Anyway, Los Angeles is only 2 hours from me, so I decided to drive down.

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Calcaneus Stress Fracture Training Log: Six Weeks In, Six Weeks Out

This week completes six weeks of not running and six weeks out.  Twelve weeks ago, on March 1, I got my calcaneus stress fracture. In the coming weeks, life completely changed but not because of my broken foot. Sometimes it felt trivial to talk about a broken foot when the world was a mess. Honestly, it’s gone by fast. I haven’t seen some friends since I had a broken foot and it feels as though March, April, and most of May have gone by quickly.

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