Best Running Gear of 2020

Best running gear of 2020

2020 running was not canceled, and luckily, some of the best running gear came out this year. It’s one of the few positive things about the year.

Best running gear of 2020

Happy end of the year. My favorite part of the end of the year is half of my blogs are recaps of 2020

  • Best Running Gear of 2020
  • Best Running Shoes of 2020
  • Best Blog Posts of 2020
  • My personal life in 2020 (LOL and what a fun mess that was)

Like every single other person, things have certainly not been what we expected for 2020.

So without delay, here is some of the Best Running Gear of 2020:

Best running gear of 2020

Best Recovery Running Gear:

  • Addaday Biozoom Massage Gun: There are a lot of massage guns out there. What makes Addaday special is the lower price (“only $200) but the quality. Many massage guns are crap, and you end up spending a lot of money on something that breaks. Addaday pressure is strong, and there are a lot of attachments. I’ve had mine for nearly a year, and it has no signs of breaking. Theragun is another strong contender and didn’t win because it was nearly twice as much.
  • Sidekick Tools: Since my massage studios have been closed, many of us have resorted to giving ourselves our own Graston and ART. The Sidekick tools allow you to do just that.

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

Best Watch Coros Apex: I am biased because I’ve been using the Coros Apex watch since early 2019. (hashtag early adopter). I love how far Coros has come, including signing Olympian Kipchoge.

A couple of things I specifically like about Coros are the long battery life and track setting.

Hiking Lake Calavera Carlsbad California

Best Headphones for Running and Working Out: It was hard to pick between these two for the best running gear because both headphones work extremely well for different situations

  • Aftershokz: Why, Aftershokz? They go over your ear so you can hear your surroundings as well as your music. My favorite is Xtrainerz, which I use for swimming. Aftershokz goes above your ear and is a safer option than traditional headphones.
  • Bose Sport Earbuds: If you are looking for some of the highest quality headphones while running, Bose Sport Earbuds are a great option. This fits well, plus don’t fall out.

Best Running Safety Product: Safety Skin: I like Safety skin because it’s easy to use a reflective product. You apply it directly to your body like a deodorant. This means you can wear your favorite gear and still be reflective of cars at night. (Obviously, more reflection is better)

Safety Skin Review

Best Hydration Vest: Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 8L Hydration Vest Review I use the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 8L hydration vest on many of my longer trail runs. I appreciate it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky or annoying when running. 2020 was the year I got more into trail running, so I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing more best running gear for the trails.

Best Way to Hold a Cell Phone While Running: Koala Clip, I don’t know how many times I can add Koala Clips to my reviews. Koala Clip is designed by women for women (but yes, men, you can use it too).

It snaps into the back of a sports bra or on the side of your pants. You can bring your phone on runs without holding it. When I polled Twitter, Koala Clip was the overwhelming favorite for best running gear of 2020.

Koala Clip

Holding Small Items and Cards While Running:  Wrist Locker Review If your pants don’t have pockets, the wrist locker is a great alternative. I use this a lot while biking when I wanted to bring a card or even my cell phone but didn’t want to bring a backpack. Plus, it was designed by Kat, a college student, in her dorm!

You can see more gear review posts here.

Question for you:

What are some of your favorite and best running gear of 2020?

What running gear are you looking forward to trying next? 



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  1. Chiropractors are open and apply IASTM / Active Release for better recovery, at least here in NJ.

    In my own right, hoping to jump from the Adidas Boost Gang over to Saucony very soon since Adidas doesn’t do much for the local hometown running stores run by moms and pops all over this great land.

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