June Workout Recap: The June I Never Have

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The June I never have? What does that even mean?

Most Junes, I find myself injured or burned out. Not every June, but I usually have a hiccup that it’s rarely a smooth month of running for me.  In my early twenties, it was the month I often sat out with a serious injury. In my later twenties, I either found myself coming back from something, burned out, or just not running.

But this June, June 2020, was a smooth workout month for me. In the current world, my running has been good. Great, even. If you are looking to follow my workouts, I do have a Strava which is why I removed the weekly training logs. Plus, there is not much to train for now.

Miles Run: 311 (this is the most amount of miles I’ve run in maybe two years)

Range of Paces: 6:34-11:30

Workouts: 6

Bike Miles: 209


I couldn’t be happier with how the month went. I’ve started slowly building my miles. My goal pretty much until the pandemic is over is to build a base. With no races on the horizon, I don’t find it necessary to get into “the best shape ever.”

I find when I add those faster and harder workouts, I am more likely to get injured. I would rather build a large aerobic base and see where it takes me.  I was talking with a good friend and I’ve realized I run well when my longer runs are 14 miles and below, so I’ve been keeping to the 12-mile range. It feels good, and all of my runs are done in under 2 hours (usually under 1:45).

Biking has been a nice afternoon activity. I’ve done a lot of neighborhood biking when our realtor shows the house or just to get some movement and work different muscles.

What’s Next?

July will be about the same. I don’t plan to increase mileage much more. This is a good spot for me.


It’s been nice to able to be consistent with running. I haven’t been consistent with running in months. Even during marathon training in 2019, there was always at least 1-2 days off I would take per week due to life.

I’m excited to see how much fitness I can build over the next few months. I have the time, so why not?

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