Types of Summer Runners You’ll See Out

Types of Summer Runners You'll See Out

As we enter the summer months, it’s guaranteed you’ll see more runners and characters on the road.  Now with social distancing and gyms closed, many people have taken up the sport. Whether you know the runner, or don’t, you’ll begin to recognize many faces. Maybe you even fall into one of these categories (I know I do).

This follows suit from Exercisers You’ll See During Social Distancing.  Take it with a grain of salt. 

Types of Summer Runners You'll See Out

Here are a Few Summer Runners You Might See:

Sweating Sam:

It doesn’t matter the temperature, but Sweating Sam sweats more than anyone you know.  You can typically follow their route due to the trail of water and salt they leave behind.

Did they just finish a swim or run?  The mystery is always there.

Over Dressed Olivia:

Why are they wearing 12 layers when it’s 100 degrees? What are they training for? Since Overdressed Oliva is wearing a mask and sunglasses, you don’t even really know who they are. Incognito at it’s finest. 

Treadmill Timothy:

Your training buddy practically disappears in the summer.  All summer, they aren’t seen once outside.  They are still running and training; however, Treadmill Timothy chooses the treadmill all summer.


Maybe they want to catch up on the great reality TV in the summer.

Maybe they want to avoid getting sunburnt…

Whatever the case is, they typically stay inside from about May to September.  They get their running in and shock your local running community when they come back with PRs in the fall.

Hydrated Hillary:

Hillary packs water bottles for her water bottles.  Whether it’s a 1-mile run or 20, you can always count on her for being prepared with plenty of water, sports drinks, and fuel.

Thank goodness because you’ve had to rely on her a couple of times more than you would care to admit…

Routine Rhonda:

Now that it’s the summer, Rhonda can be seen running her same route at roughly the same time.  It’s not the safest option, but you can see Rhonda around the same point in your run every day.  Whether Rhonda is walking a dog, running, biking, or just out and about, you always look forward to the point where your paths cross.  In fact, Routine Rhonda can be anyone you see.

Shirtless Steve:

During the summer, Shirtless Steve is never seen with a shirt.  Shirtless Steve runs in as little as possible and avoids any and all tan lines.  You’ve seen Shirtless Steve during training runs, at races, driving his 100k car around town…but never with a shirt on.

High School Pack:

You might run into a teenage high school pack of boys. No distinct name to the pack, but it’s about 8-10 high age boys.  Added together they weigh less than you and they are probably wearing shorter shorts…but at least they are they running.

Take this post with a grain of salt. You can see more posts like this with As Seen in the GymAs Seen In My Gym Part 2

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Questions for you:

Do you share traits with any of these characters?

How do you prepare for summer running?