Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

Sidekick Tools are newer in the recovery tool market. The Sidekick Swerve Tool, also known as the Swerve Muscle Scraper, is designed to get deep into your muscles and stay healthy. As someone who is fairly injury prone, I am always looking for new recovery tools and devices to help me stay injury-free.

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

Back in New Jersey, I would see a chiropractor a couple of times of the month (shoutout to Dr. Craig and the Dr. Kemenosh team). They would use active release (known as ART) to keep my muscles healthy. Due to COVID and being new to the area, I haven’t found someone I am completely comfortable with yet in California. So I am trying to do more work alone.

I recently stumbled upon the SideKick Tool. I’ve seen a few people talking about it, and I was genuinely curious. I decided the Sidekick Swerve Tool is the best of the Sidekick Tools to meet my needs.

Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool Review

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review:

If you’ve gone to a chiropractor or PT, you might have seen similar stainless steel tools. I joke that I have a weapon if anyone breaks into the house. My first time going to see a chiropractor to get ART, it was slightly scary.

There are all sorts of Sidekick Tools from the Sidekick Curve, Swerve, Echo, and even Bow.

Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool Review

What is the Sidekick Swerve Tool?

The Sidekick Swerve Tool is a muscle scraping device that helps target muscles. All of Sidekick’s tools are designed to release adhesions under the skin from muscle overuse or injuries. Adhesions are what makes muscles tight. Think of knots in a rubber band. By releasing the knots and adhesions, you will increase the blood flow. Your muscles will feel looser and more fluid with a greater range of motion.

What makes Sidekick Tools Different?

Dual Beveled Edge: 

According to Sidekick Tools, the most important part of any muscle scraper is the treatment edge. Without a good edge, you’re just rubbing your skin.  All Sidekick Muscle Scraping Tools have a dual beveled edge that is designed to optimize mobilizing soft tissue. What does this mean? Essentially the beveled edge allows you to get deeper into your muscles and scrape away the junk.

Slim Profile:

The Sidekick Tools are all slim, compact, and portable. You can throw it in your bag or take it on the go without carrying giant recovery devices.

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

Quality Stainless Steel:

All of the Sidekick Tools are made from “304 stainless steel” and are easy to clean, non-porous, and corrosion-resistant. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty. That way, you won’t worry about them rusting (scraping your skin with a rusty tool sounds like a nightmare movie ready to be made).

Having the Sidekick Tools be non-porous is essential because they come in contact with skin, body fluids. If not cleaned appropriately, they can create bacteria. Enough said, and ew.

So What Makes the Sidekick Swerve Tool Different from the Rest of the Tools?

The Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool is a cross between the Curve and the Echo. It’s a great “starter piece” for someone looking for the function of a muscle scraper but isn’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars. According to Sidekick Tools, it’s their best seller.

I’ve used for it almost everything, including my calves, quads, hamstrings, and even back and neck.

Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool Review
Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool in action

Sidekick Tools Also Have a Variety of Videos and How Toos:

I am no professional and pretty much know nothing about the technique of how to muscle scrape properly. I know my body likes it when a licensed professional do it.  Luckily they have what they call “Sidekick University,” and you can learn how to work various parts of your body. I’ve learned a lot by watching the videos.

My Experience with the Sidekick Swerve Tool:

Does it work? I think that’s the most important part of any review. It does take some time to figure out how to use properly, but the short answer is yes, the Sidekick Swerve Tool does work.

I don’t believe it works as well as a licensed professional using it, but if you are unable to see a professional and prefer the comfort of you’re own home, I highly suggest it. I like that I can use the Sidekick Swerve Tool in the comfort of my own home while watching ridiculous TV shows. I’ve already found I’ve released many knots and adhesions, and my muscles feel noticeably better.

Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool Review

It takes some time to learn how to use the Sidekick Tools correctly, but you will feel noticeable relief in your body once you do.


Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool vs. Foam Roller:

The Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper tool gets deep than any foam roller, period. You can work into knots and adhesions better, plus the Sidekick Tools are more portable. The advantage to a traditional foam roller is, of course, the price, and they are significantly cheaper.

Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool vs. Massage Gun Device:

These days there are so many different recovery tools and devices.

First and foremost, this is a hard comparison because I’ve used several different massage guns and all of different qualities. Some massage guns don’t work, period. My favorite and most useful massage gun for the price is the Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun.

Massage guns use percussion to get deep into muscles, while the Sidekick Tools use blunt force and muscle scraping. I have found with the Sidekick Tool; I can physically feel the knots and adhesion and “crunchy muscle,” whereas, with the massage guns, I cannot.

I like to feel a problem and try and fix it.  If I’m sore from a workout, my body feels better using the massage gun. If I have a specific issue like a tight calve of the hamstring, my body feels better using the Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper.


In all, I find the Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool to be one of the most useful recovery tools I’ve tried. The Sidekick Swerve Tool is only $95 and well worth the money. I didn’t think there could be any more recovery devices I needed, but I was wrong. The Sidekick Swerve Muscle Scraper Tool is well worth it. I like the Sidekick Tool so much; I’m looking into purchasing the Sidekick Bow Muscle Scraper that focuses on the quads, hips, and hamstrings.

Sidekick Swerve Tool Review

You can see more product reviews here or purchase one here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried the Sidekick Swerve Tool or any of the Sidekick Tools?

What is your favorite way to recovery? 


    1. HAHAHA. You nearly got a text message so fast. You fixed too many of my issues to be left behind. :O

    1. It’s awesome Jessy! I hadn’t heard of it until recently but I have been really enjoying my Sidekick tool.

  1. Oh cool I could use one of these. Plus my husband. He is always aching, so maybe this will help.

    1. I bet he would love it Amber! It really gets all of the knots and built up adhesions out.

    1. It’s great for stockings Wanda, plus they are having a 30% off sale right now.

  2. These are great! I have the swerve as well, and love it. I also like that you can use a variety of creams/balms; I have my eye on a CBD balm to use w/ the scraper so that I get a bit of pain/soreness relief with the scraping.

    1. that’s awesome Katie. I remember talking with you about them a month ago and now I’m low key obsessed.

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