Tracksmith Apparel Review

Tracksmith Apparel Review

I’ve been around the running industry for many years now and it’s been fun to watch the running brand Tracksmith.  Tracksmith is an independent running apparel brand. That means you can only buy Tracksmith through their company website or in their shop in New England. Do I wish they were in local running stores? Of course.

Tracksmith Apparel Review

Tracksmith is designed for everyone from the fast amateur to the new runner. According to Tracksmith, they are for anyone in the pursuit of personal excellence. I’ll be honest; I always see the “fast people” wearing Tracksmith, so I had some fear of would people judge me for wearing it? That’s silly because Tracksmith is designed for anyone and everyone.

All of Tracksmith is simple and you won’t find any crazy prints and patterns. While the logo of Tracksmith is the hare, many people also recognize their signature slash on several pieces of apparel. While my running style has evolved over the last decade, right now, I’m digging simplicity.

How did the name “Tracksmith” Come About?

Tracksmith Combined both Track and Smith.  Most every runner knows the track is made for speed. Smith is dedicated to the specialized craft (which Tracksmith makes running apparel).

Recently, Tracksmith has also been in the news for employing both Mary Cain and Nick Willis. They are full-time employees, not sponsored athletes. This is important because it opens up the doors for different business models that aren’t performance-related.I think who and how companies employ their athletes is more important than ever but back to Tracksmith Apparel.

I’ve tried a few pieces, including a sports bra, loose-fitting shorts, and a signature crop top. Apparently, this summer, I just live my life in crop tops and shorts.

A Few things about Tracksmith Apparel:

  • Tracksmith Apparel is More Expensive: The quality of Tracksmith Apparel is superior to most brands so you get what you pay for. I don’t think I’ll be replacing any of these items, but you ask yourself: Do I want to pay nearly $70 for one pair of shorts or buy a pair for $35 and replace it later down the line. Most Tracksmith Apparel is made from an Italian blend of 57% nylon and 43% elastane. You need to wash it as much (I still do), but you can feel the difference in quality.
  • Tracksmith Fits Smaller: While I wear the same size as most clothing, the brand Tracksmith does fit smaller than most brands. If you prefer your running clothes, looser, I would size up.
  • Tracksmith Apparel is Only Available Direct: You won’t find Tracksmith in running stores or big box stores.

With that, here are a few Tracksmith Pieces I Tried:

Tracksmith Allston Pocket Bra:

The Tracksmith Allston Bra is a high compression pocket bra for distance running, offering medium support.  Right off the bat, I do appreciate how simple it is, but the pocket inside is a game-changer.  The inside pocket of the Allston Bra can fit a key or gel. It’s a good option, especially with warmer weather when you might need a gel or you might not, but it’s better to have one just in case.

I generally wear a size small sports bra and the Tracksmith Allston Bra fits well. The Compression Fabric is a little tighter.  I wish it had removable pads. I don’t love that many sports bras without pads are see-through, but the Tracksmith Allston Bra is not see-through when it gets sweaty. While running, nothing moved or fell out. The band is smooth so it doesn’t rub or cause irritation.

In all, it’s a great bra and does the job, but I do wish it came with removable cups.

Tracksmith Bell Lap Top:

If Tracksmith had a signature item, one would be the Bell Lap Top. The Tracksmith Bell Lap Top is a racer-back crop top with a signature Tracksmith Slash made from a stretchy nylon-elastane blend.  It’s made from an Italian blend of 57% nylon and 43% elastane (the same material as the Allston Bra).

I typically wear a women’s size Small in crop tops and tanks (in almost every brand).  The size small fits well and there was no chafing during my run. Someone mentioned that the elastic band in the older versions sometimes irritated the bottom. I didn’t have any problems running or biking.

While there aren’t races now, I do feel fast when I wear it. I’ve worn the Bell Lap Top for a couple of workouts and bike rides just because. It performs well and I foresee myself getting a couple more once races start again.

Tracksmith Session Shorts:

I am going through a shorts phase right now. Typically I’ve been more of a spandex person but lately, I’ve found myself wanting to wear more shorts. Whatever is most comfortable right?

I can say, without a doubt, the Tracksmith Session Shorts are my favorite shorts. They are comfortable and not too tight or too short. They don’t fall down when I’m running. I wear them

for almost everything I can. Running, hiking and living life. Plus, since the Tracksmith Session Shorts are longer so, I can wear them on base. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of problems with shorts either being “too short” or baggy and too long. The Tracksmith Session Shorts have a 3.25-inch inseam, which makes them a good length. I don’t feel like I’m wearing pants. Finally, there is a zippered pocket that I’ve used to carry my keys.

I am 5’7 and wear a size small. They aren’t too short and don’t show off anything I don’t need showing off.


In all, I am pleased with the quality of Tracksmith Apparel. I’ve heard from several people how good the quality it is, but I do believe so too. While Tracksmith is more expensive, you aren’t going to replacing anytime soon. I’m not usually one to notice the differences in quality in material, but you can tell Tracksmith Clothing is high quality (which is why it’s more expensive). I think I’ll probably invest in the Lane 5 Tights next since I need a new pair of black spandex.

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Question for you: Where are your favorite pieces of running apparel from? 



  1. I love tracksmith. My favorite piece of theirs is the Downeaster which is for winter running. Super cozy! Regarding shorts, the twilight split shorts are my favorite. Really breathable and fast feeling. I enjoyed your review. I always like to know what others think of this brand!

    1. I want to try the Twilight Split Shorts too. I like the vertical line ones.

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