Big Cottonwood Marathon Week 11: Quality Miles

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The goal of this week was to get the mileage in. Isn’t it always? In general, my week of marathon training was good.


Monday: Easy 45 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: AM: 4X1 mile averaging 6:40 pace with 2 minutes recovery
PM:  6 Easy downhill miles on the treadmill (elevation drop 750)
Thursday: 3000 Meter swim
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Asbury Park Sheehan Classic 5k: 20:04 Total mileage: 10
Sunday: 17 mile Long Run Averaging 7:59

Week 1: Hello Humidity
Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw
Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW
Week 4: Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs 52 MPW
Week 5: Training: Workouts and 10ks 46.5 MPW
Week 6: Firecracker 5ks 47 MPW
Week 7: Swim Races and Running for Toilets 56 MPW
Week 8: It’s Very Hot 58 MPW
Week 9: Tetris Runner 56 MPW
Week 10: Long Week and Personal 5ks 54 MPW

Week 11:


The week started slow, but I felt strong towards the end. Everything seemed to go off with no significant issues. I had some personal life stuff, but nothing that kept me from running. My weekly mileage remained high, and my peak weeks with 20 miles will come hopefully in the next two weeks.


I was able to get into the pool once last week, which I’m happy about. I’ve been hard on myself because as marathon miles increase, once in the pool seems to be about all I have time for. It’s nice to get some cross-training each week. Due to travel, I don’t think I’ll be able to next week.

Workout Wednesday: 4X1 mile averaging 6:40 with 2 minutes rest in between

My good friend, Skip, and I decided to head to the track on Wednesday. He was much faster, but it was nice to have someone running around with me. It was already 85 degrees when we were running, so it felt tough, but I’m glad we got it done and ten total miles for the day.

In the afternoon, I did six downhill treadmill miles. Since the Big Cottonwood Marathon is downhill, I’ve been trying to get a few downhill miles in each week. Big Cottonwood is known to be a remarkably beautiful road race with a speedy downhill slope. When I ran another downhill marathon, the Mesa-Phx, I wasn’t prepared, and it shredded my quads.

Asbury Park Sheehan Classic 5k: 20:04

This was the race that almost wasn’t. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before. At 5:40, I found myself desperately wanting to sleep before the race. I decided since it was a beautiful day I would o anyway. I’m glad I did, and I ran my fastest 5k in a while. My splits were 6:17, 6:26, and 6:35. Of course, I wish I broke 20 minutes again, but I’m happy with my effort for the day.

Long Run 17 miles averaging 7:59 pace:

I knew I wanted to run hard, but I wasn’t sure what my body would allow. I’ve been enjoying running in Philadelphia lately. I did the 8.4-mile loop twice around the Schuylkill River Trail and added on. My last few miles were my fastest with a 7:33 and 7:36 in there.

In all, I’m happy with the week. It’s one of the few that has gone by with no hiccups, which is great because there are only five weeks until the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah.

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Questions for you:

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