Five Things that Will Make Me Love Your Road Race

As someone who races a lot, I’ve figured out what I personally like and don’t in a race.  Of course, I understand, races are never geared towards one racer, but certain qualities will lead to more runners coming back. Similarly, some qualities will make me never sign up for your race or even recommend it. First and […]

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Cross Country 5k (19:20)

The morning after running a mile track race, my husband convinced me to do a cross country style race.  He’s into the trail and cross country races, and I’m more into the road races.  It worked out well since with cross country terrain; you can’t compare yourself to anything. If you are running through a giant […]

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Track Meet Mile (5:40)

How does one recap a mile race? It took me longer to write the recap versus run the race…   The race itself was in the evening.  I wasn’t expecting to run, in fact, I ran 11 miles that morning.  My coworker asked if I wanted to run and I thought…why not?  The answer should have been […]

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Newport 10k (37:59)

For the past few months, I’ve been looking forward to the Newport 10k.  It was an excuse to drive up north, see a few friends and race a competitive 10k.  My 10k PRs are usually from a half marathon or extremely hot race.  It’s rare that I get to run a 10k and even rarer […]

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Training: 10ks and Mile Repeats

This week was a strange occurrence of weather. We had pouring rain, decent weather and then a heat wave the rest of the week.  Spring of 2016 is like playing the slot machines, and you don’t want to expect any day. Broad Street took me longer to recover than anticipated so I didn’t race last […]

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