Bit Cottonwood Training Week 4: Beach Runs and Long Runs

me running philadelphia

Last weeks training was ok. I didn’t get done everything, but I raced and ran long. Both last week and next week will be busy in life. I’ll have more about that soon but my personal life and summer took a 90-degree turn as of Saturday.

Anyway, this is about running right? During this marathon cycle, I said I wasn’t going to be miserable. I’m going to work hard and get the long runs in, but I’m not going to slave away to marathon training during the summer.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes/Swim 2 miles
Tuesday: Easy 10 miles with Skip
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Easy 9 miles with Alexis
Saturday: Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (34:14) Total mileage: 10
Sunday: Long Run: 16.8 miles
Total: About 53


Week 1: Hello Humidity

Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw

Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW

Week 4: 52 MPW

I planned to get into the pool three times last week but only had the time once. I haven’t been able to get in the pool as much recently, but I’m hoping to get back there over the summer. Next week our community outdoor pool opens so it will be much closer.


My easy runs were easy. There is nothing to note about that. I mentioned in a previous post but most of my easy runs are untimed. I average 60-minute runs to be about 6.5 miles. Is it 6.1 or 6.7? The world may never know.

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler:

It’s becoming evident; my body is comfortable at a 6:50 pace. I’ve raced that speed for almost everything recently. It feels challenging but not all out. I can’t seem to get my legs to move any faster, and this race was no exception. I’m not disappointed with the race, and it finished on the sand. I took it out comfortably and was able to pass two women to end up as 3rd overall.

Since school is out, it will be easier for me to get to the track. I need to work on paces that aren’t comfortable, which isn’t easy when most of your workouts are alone.

Long Run 16.85 miles averaging 8:06 pace:

I decided to get out of my usual routes and run in Philadelphia (only about 10 miles from my house). It was nice to have different scenery and the run went by fast. I’m happy with my effort and the second half of the run was faster than the first.

Next Week:

I’m just trucking along. I’m hoping to get a faster speed workout in as well as another local race.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever run on soft sand before?  


  1. Thanks Hollie. Not sure if you remember it, but I ran into you and your dad at the “Mud Run” at Little Creek in Norfolk about 5 years ago. The race was for the benefit of the Armed Forces YMCA. It was called a mud run, but was really a sand run. I absolutely hated running in soft sand and never did another race like that. Give me asphalt all day long!

    1. Of course I remember Steve. I agree, dad and I always say that’s like a sand run Lol

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