Momentous Fuel Review

Momentous Fuel Review

As the weather heats up, I’m always excited to try new hydration and fueling products, and the Momentous Fuel is one of them.

About the Brand Momentous:

Amp Human (the creators of PR Lotion) and Momentous (creators of the cleanest, safest sports nutrition company) merged in 2021 to build the future of human performance. The orginal fuel I bought was labeled “AMP” and I was confused when I found out it no longer existed. AMP and Momentous are now the same brand, and nothing has changed from AMP except the name.

Momentous empowers the relentless pursuit of progress in athlete health and wellness. They strive to create non-compromise products that support the improvement of athletic performance.

Momentous Fuel ReviewAbout the Momentous Fuel:

Momentous Fuel offers hydration, fueling and nitrate supplementation to help with running. The Momentous Fuel is unique in that it uses iomaltulose as its carb source, providing 28 grams of carbs per serving.

Isomaltulose actually helps improve absorption and utilization of carbohydrates, plus it has a lower glycemic index. The Momentous Fuel also has sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and nitrates.

Benefits of using the Momentous Fuel:

  • 300mg sodium for hydration and preventing cramps
  • 28g carbs
  • 30mg zinc to optimize absorption=
  • 150mg potassium for muscle function
  • 30mg magnesium for energy production
  • Nitrates to increase performance

Momentous Fuel is designed for workouts above 60 minutes. It is designed to hydrate you, but it’s also designed for a better glycemic index response.

Momentous Fuel Review

What makes Momentous Fuel Different?

There are so many hydration mixes on the market now so we are all looking for what makes it “different”. I am looking for things that keep me hydrated in the desert on all runs (not just runs above 60 minutes).

  • Isomaltulose is the primary carb source. This sugar has a low glycemic index meaning it has smaller and a slower effect on insulin compared to cane sugar.
  • Sodium & Potassium: Two key electrolytes for muscle function (contraction and relaxation). They also help improve fluid absorption retention and restoration around the muscles.
  • Zinc: Zinc is essential for health and immune function.

Momentous Fuel Review

My Experience:

Flavors I tried:

  • Cherry Berry: The cherry berry is my favorite flavor. You taste both the cherry and berry without either being overpowering or too sweet. Full disclosure: I am pretty much a fan of any cherry flavor.
  • Strawberry Lime: I’ve mentioned before that Strawberry Lime can get too overpowering, and lime can feel like “too much” in the throat. The Momunteous Fuel strawberry lime is easy to consume and doesn’t taste too tart.

Both flavors of the Momunteous Fuel taste good and easy to consume. I was actually surprised there weren’t more flavors.

I first took the Momentous Fuel out on an easy hike. I wanted to make sure the Momentous Fuel could handle easy and low-impact activity. It tasted good, and my stomach appreciated it. I had noticeable more energy when using it. After that, I’ve used it a couple of times on easy trail runs as well as hard workouts. Each time, my stomach has appreciated the flavors and I did not have an upset stomach or stomach issues at all. In fact, I felt good and had a good amount of energy at the end.

Momentous Fuel Review

Cost: $2.99 for one packet or 20 packets for $34.95

The Momentous Fuel is not cheap; in fact, it’s one of the more expensive brands out there.

Momentous Fuel Conclusion:

I like the Momentous Fuel and both flavors taste good. Plus, I feel stronger at the end of the run. The only real issue for me is the price! It’s expensive, but most fueling products are getting more and more these days. Other than that, I am a fan.

You can purchase Momentous Fuel here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Momentous Fuel?

What is your favorite hydration product?