Big Cottonwood Training Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts

me running chambersburg

Last week felt like the neverending week. I felt exhausted on Monday, and the week only seemed to get longer and longer. I’m proud of what I got accomplished running wise.

I didn’t get the chance to swim another day, but that’s okay. As I ramp up running mileage, I am trying to remember I can’t do everything and expect to stay healthy (both physically and mentally).

Monday: AM: Easy 60 minutes run
PM: Easy 45 minutes run
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
PM: 2-mile swim
Wednesday: 2X10 minutes (average 6:28, 6:29) Total mileage 10
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: She Runs 13.1, total mileage 16
Total: About 57


This week was a decent week for running. I’m not especially proud, but I’ve been running on fumes the entire week. There wasn’t ever a point I chose to workout versus sleep, but my sleep schedule has been off the entire week. I’m not someone who can nap in the daytime (past 10 am), so when I’m up…I’m up.

Anyway, the runs themselves felt pretty good. As I increase my mileage, I worry less and less about pace. I measure my easy runs by minutes. I guestimate that 60 minutes is about 6.5 miles, and 45 minutes is 5 miles. Could it be 6.1 miles? Sure but I don’t worry about it. By making a rough estimate, it makes it easier to calculate an increase in mileage.

Swimming felt good this week, and while I only got two days of swimming in, both were quality and I’m glad I did.

Workout Wednesday: 2X10 minutes hard effort (6:28, 6:29) with warmup and cooldown 10 miles

I’m surprised it went as well as it did, but I felt good. I was running on minimal sleep, and it was packed between a busy day, but I did what I could.

She Power 13.1 (1:29.27)

I have a lot to say about the race. I ran the entire thing alone from start to finish. It felt as though I was just running, following the cyclist, doing my own workout. No one to push me, but me.

Did I have a great time? Of course. Was it strange at the same time? Of course. The weather was less than ideal, and it rained the entire time with some course flooding. In all, I kept my splits pretty even and also ran faster per mile than many shorter 10ks that I’ve run so I can’t complain.


In all, I’m happy with the week and how an increase in mileage is going. I don’t plan to run 20 next week or anything (I think that will probably come in mid-July).

Next Week:

Right now, I’m happy with my mileage. I’m hoping that paces will start to feel more comfortable as I continue running higher than I’ve run in a while. Since I’ll be on the road a good portion of next week, I’m not sure how much pool time I’ll get.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever run a race alone?

How was your week of training? 

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  1. You’re awesome!! And I can not nap either. Funny because I had my blog post drafted about not being able to nap then I read this post lol You’re so strong, Holly!

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