Big Cottonwood Week 8: It’s Very Hot

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Like many people, I was affected by the heat. I won’t take dangerous risks with running. The feels like temperature was 110 and for me, that isn’t worth running outdoors. The 5k I was fundraising for was canceled, which was disappointing, but I know they made the right choice. I raised over $600, so I cannot be upset about that.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: AM: Easy 60 minutes
PM: 1-hour swim
Wednesday: 2X2 mile averaging 6:55, total mileage 8
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 10 miles Treadmill averaging -1.5% decline
Saturday: Treadmill 5k: 22:15 -2% decline, total mileage 10.5
Sunday: Treadmill Long Run 17.1 miles 1-2% grade downhill

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Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw
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Week 6: Firecracker 5ks 47 MPW
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Week 8: It’s Very Hot


The heat was brutal (for everyone), but I’m proud of how I handled the entire week. I adjusted my paces as needed and opted for quality miles on the treadmill.

Since the Big Cottonwood Marathon is downhill, it makes sense to practice downhill running. When I ran my second marathon, Phoenix, I equated downhill with easy. That marathon didn’t go as well as I hoped and it took me the most time to recover from because my quads were wrecked from 26.2 miles of the same thing. So this weekend I opted for quality downhill miles, and I’m happy with how each run went.

Workout Wednesday: 2X2 mile averaging 6:55 pace  with 1-mile jog in between

This is much slower than I hoped, but it’s been hot. I adjusted and worked hard for the day.  Not else much to say other than it was hot.

The Weekend of Treadmill:

Because it was dangerously hot this weekend, I opted for the treadmill. It didn’t bother me to run inside because it was safer, and I could run quality miles. Big Cottonwood is a downhill marathon, and I haven’t done any downhill running (Southern NJ doesn’t have hills). I used this weekend to set my treadmill on -1-2% and just run. I didn’t think I would be sore, but I am.

Saturday: 5 miles easy, 3.1 miles hard (22:15), 2.4 miles easy (total time 90 minutes)

Since the 5k I was running was canceled due to heat (they made the right call), I ran a 5k alone on the treadmill. I cranked it to -2.0 grade. I felt good, and I’m proud of my effort. Personally, I find the treadmill hard to gauge anything because you set it and go.

Sunday Long Run: 17 Miles with 1-2% downhill

The run was easy and I watched TV the entire time. The point of the run wasn’t to run fast, but to get a long, steady downhill state. Something I cannot get anywhere but the treadmill (around me). I am proud of how the effort went and by about mile 13, my quads were burning. I know it was the right thing to do because I know I’ll have the same feeling during the full.



I don’t have any more swimming events planned this year, but I’ve been enjoying the change, and I believe the cross-training has made me stronger.

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Questions for you:

What is the furthest you’ve run on the treadmill?

Has it been hot where you are?