August Training Log: Travel, 5ks, and Missing Goals

August was a whirlwind month. As I said at the end of the month, every time I write recaps. I feel as though it was just June. My goal for the summer was to break 20 minutes in the 5k. I got close, but I didn’t quite make it. As we move into the colder months, I won’t say that still isn’t a goal, but I’m now training for the California International Marathon–more on that later.

TransPerfect Victory Lap 5k (20:45)

August Stats:

Miles Run: 310
Treadmill miles: 75
Range of Paces: 6:24-12:30-untimed
Rest Days: 3
Longest run: 15 miles
Shortest run: 2 miles
Swimming: 8.79 miles


Twilight 5000 (20:35)
OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)
TransPerfect Victory Lap 5k (20:45)
Bra Run 15k (1:08.22)


This month was crazy. From the outside, it looks like I ran a bunch of mediocre 5ks. I started my month with the Twilight 5000, and I thought this was my time to break 20 minutes. Sadly, my body did not feel great. It was a miracle I didn’t step off the track and quit because I was not feeling it. The OC Fair Run was my best 5k of the month and maybe the entire summer. There were A TON of turns, and it was one of the most challenging races I’ve done in that regard. I might have been close to breaking 20 minutes if it had been a more straight course. My first mile was 6:24, and I felt good.

In the middle of August, I spent a week in Dubai running on the treadmill. Those runs were great, and I enjoyed spending time with my husband. When I returned home, the day after my flight landed, I randomly found a 5k and decided to run it. I was planning to run at Dockweiler Beach and then saw a finisher shoot, I thought: why not. It went as well as you can imagine after a 17-hour flight. The following week, I ran the Bra Run 15k. It was hot, and I was still recovering from jet lag. So I was happy to run 15k at a hard effort.

Anyway, none of my races were on great days or great courses. Hopefully, the cooler fall weather will help (whenever that gets here).

Twilight 5000

Marathon Training: I’m signed up to run the California International Marathon. This is the first time I’ve ever run two marathons in a year. It feels wild. I’ve also never actually run a marathon on a “flat course.” I’ve run NYCM 3 times, La Marathon 1 time, and Mesa-Phoenix 1 Time (which is downhill and my body did not actually like).

I’m looking forward to running a flat marathon and seeing what I can do. My goal is 3:15.

Training for the marathon this month will include a lot of 16 milers and maybe up to 18. My body still isn’t entirely comfortable with running 16 miles, and I want to get a solid long-run base before adding in speed/workouts/longer runs. I’ve been doing most of my runs/workouts on hilly and sand terrain. I want to build some strength before getting into some faster stuff.

Oc Fair run me running

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is your next big race?



  1. It’s all relative, but I wouldn’t call CIM flat. I believe the net drop is about 350 ft, and you also climb about 700 ft. I live in a hilly area (e.g., my “flat” 20 mile route has about 1000 ft of gain) but still thought it was rolling! I loved the course and event, but just a heads up on that part.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. After living up there for a bit, I was able to see the course (although never run). I would think it’s like mountains 2 beach, while technically a “downhill course” it does not have hills. Just hopefully not one at mile 26 like LA lol…Are you running it this year Sara?

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