OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)

OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)

My dad and I found the OC Fair Run 5k as a fun thing to do while he was in town. I had no idea how big it was and 3000 people usually run. But the unique course was a lot of fun because you got to run through the fair and around the carnival rides. They also had “detours” to stop, play a game and keep running. While I did not make a detour, I saw some people that did and won a stuffed animal prize.

OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)

Before the OC Fair Run 5k:

I had no expectations for the OC Fair Run 5k other than to have fun. The course is likely one of the slowest 5k courses I’ve done. Not because it’s hilly but because there are a ton of turns. In fact, probably the most turns I’ve ever done in a race. Dad and I headed down to OC around noon the day before. There was a lot of traffic, and it was exhausting. I was also running on fumes from a few days of minimal sleep. We got our bibs, got sushi, and I fell asleep before 7 pm, LOL.

We arrived at the OC Fair Run 5k around 7 am for the 8 am start. I warmed up but quickly realized it was already hot and humid. The clouds were breaking off, but it was still damp. Plus, my body did not feel great. Likely from the track 5k earlier in the week and just not enough sleep. There were not enough bathrooms before the race started. Somehow I got to the OC Fair Run 5k start on time because it was crowded.

OC Fair Run 5k Race:

The OC Fair Run 5k went off right at 8 am. I was talking to Jessica and decided we should be further up so we didn’t hurt ourselves, tripping over a few people. I’m glad I did that. Once we started running, I realized I felt pretty good. It was a surprise to everyone, including me. My first mile focused on not tripping over people and running as smoothly as possible.

I ran a 6:24 and thought *maybe this is the day I will break 20 minutes*. Although I knew that the second two miles of the OC Fair Run 5k had a lot of twists and turns.

The second mile of the OC Fair Run 5k goes through the actual fair. You’re turning a lot and running through carnival rides. Half the time, I didn’t know if I was going in the right direction, and it was tough to stay orientated. I tried to run the tangents as best as possible. I ran a 6:31 second mile and was super surprised it was *that fast*.  I passed two women during the second mile. Towards the end, someone said, “You’re third,” and I was shocked.

OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)

During the third mile of the OC Fair Run 5k, we continued weaving around, and the humidity got to me. I got tired fast. Plus, the first two miles made up a faster two miles in my 5k than usual. We rounded the straight away towards the finish around 2.8. I thought *maybe this course would be short* which was ok with me. LOL, it wasn’t, but it made for a very long finish. I thought the finish line would never get there. Staring at the finish line for a good third of a mile isn’t the most pleasant part, but at least it was straight.

I ran mile 3 of the OC Fair Run 5k in 6:44 and crossed the finish line in 20:38. I was surprised it was that fast on a course with so many turns. I honestly believe had it been a straight flat course that day; I probably would have been very close to 20 minutes. Oh well! I was surprised I felt good, period. My two “best” 5ks this summer have both been on challenging courses. The Corona Del Mar 5k and this one. It’s funny because I ran just 3 seconds faster at the Twilight 5k on the track and that was the fastest course you could get, it just wasn’t my day. I’m glad to know that was a fluke because I was disappointed in it!

OC Fair Run 5k (20:38)

OC Fair Run 5k Thoughts:

I had a lot of fun at the OC Fair Run 5k and would do it again. It’s not a “fast” course by any means, but it’s scenic, and it was super enjoyable. I won OC Fair tickets, and Dad enjoyed the fair afterward. If you want a unique 5k, I suggest the OC Fair Run 5k. The detours look fun, and you can even win prizes.

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Questions for you:

Have you run the OC Fair Run 5k?

What is your favorite 5k?

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  1. I guess our Run for the Cure…my first ever organized run in 1996……that first run was for my first ever 5K..I’ve run every year, and every year there’s more and more reasons too…you lose a lot of people….the imagine that alwasys sticks with me is the guy running pushing an empty wheel chair, and knowing why……

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