Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

The Salomon Aero Glide is a max cushioned daily trainer. I was excited to try them. Salomon is one of the most requested running shoe brands to review on the blog. But for some reason, I never gravitate toward them. Salomon is already a heavy hitting in the trail world and they’ve only been improving their road shoes. When I tried the Salomon Sense Ride 5  designed for trails, I knew I needed to try some of their road shoes!

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

Salomon Aero Glide Quick Facts:

Weight: 7.6 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 10 mm

Cost: $160

Salomon Aero Glide Intro:

Salomon has been working hard to get into the road running shoe community. The Salomon Aero Glide is a max trainer made for easier miles. The high stack height kind of reminds me of Hoka, and there is a noticeable “not feeling the ground” ride to it.

Salomon has also started using recycled materials in their products, such as PET bottles or material waste. In fact, 32% of the Salomon Aero Glide is made from recycled materials. Just looking at the Aero Glide, I thought it would be heavy and clunky. But it only weighs 7.6 oz (8.9 oz for me)! If you asked me: what is the most similar shoe to the Hoka Clifton 9? The answer is the Salomon Aero Glide, and it isn’t even close!

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

Salomon Aero Glide Fit:

The Salomon Aero Glide upper is a simple and traditional upper. (To be honest, what more do we need in daily trainers…I want a shoe that fits and feels good, it doesn’t need to be fancy). The 3D mesh allows it to be breathable. The tongue is thin and padded and doesn’t move around. The only noticeable thing is the higher-than-usual heel collar. I thought it might become an issue, but it never was and I’ve now run over 100 miles in them.

The upper features the Salomon “Sensifit” which is designed to cradle the midsole to ensure secure and snug midfoot support.

The best running shoe uppers disappear off your feet and the Salomon Aero Glide does just that. There isn’t anything that stands out and once I put the shoe on, I don’t feel it anymore. While it isn’t terribly fancy, it does everything you need in a running shoe upper.

In running shoes, I wear between a 10-11 wide. I found the size 11 of the Salomon Aero Glide to fit the best.

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

Salomon Aero Glide Ride:

The midsole features Energy Foam which was made by combining “EVA” and “Olefin” foam. It’s responsive and light! The stack height is fairly high, with 37 mm under the heel. Even though it’s fairly high off the ground, you’ll find it pretty stable. An interesting feature of the Salomon Aero Glide is the rocker called the “reverse camber.” It makes the shoe feel as if the rocker begins in the midfoot and then transitions to toe-off. It makes the shoe roll easily from heel to toe.

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

Durability and Traction: I haven’t used a lot of Salomon shoes, so I wasn’t sure how long they would last. The outsole features “Road Contagrip,” which is Salomon’s signature outsole. It combines flat and wider lugs and also allows you to run on several different surfaces. Honestly, it’s very apparent Salomon makes trail shoes because the Aero Glide has some of the best traction of any road shoe I’ve used. I’ve taken it in the pouring rain and desert sand dunes with no issues of sliding.

Regarding durability, I’ve put around 100 miles on it, and they still look and feel fairly new. I expect it will last the entire 400 miles.

The Aero Glide fits perfectly as an easy run or daily run shoe. It does respond fairly well for picking up the pace, but it fits best as an easy run shoe. I love its softness, and my body feels great when using it for easy runs. It’s also one of my favorite road shoes for inclement weather because the traction is awesome, plus the upper is light and breathes well. Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review


Salomon Aero Glide Conclusion:

Really, there isn’t much I don’t like about the Salomon Aero Glide. They have done a great job at infiltrating the road-running scene. The Salomon Aero Glide has done well during my easy runs, and they’ve managed to create a lightweight but high cushioned trainer. The Salomon Aero Glide is the most similar shoe to the Hoka Clifton 9.

Who should buy the Salomon Aero Glide?
If you prefer high mileage, are injury prone, or just want a maximum cushioned daily trainer, the Aero Glide is a great option, even if you are looking for a more durable version of the Hoka Clifton!

Who should not buy the Salomon Aero Glide?
If you are looking for a fast or racing shoe or if you prefer to feel the ground more while you’re running.

Salomon Aero Glide Shoe Review

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Speed Work: Hoka Solimar, Altra Vanish Carbon, 361 Flame, Nike Tempo Next%, Reebok Float Ride Run fast Pro, Nike ZoomX Streakfly

Long Runs: ASICS Superblast

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Salomon running shoes?

What is your favorite daily run shoe?



  1. I’ve used salomon trails shoes, I hated their lacing system, and felt the toe box narrow….does that change with the Aero, I’m in the market, my shoe right now is the On Cloud Surfer….

    1. The Aero Glide has normal shoe laces and the toe box is true to size. On is fairly firm whereas Salomon is pretty soft? At least their road shoes anyway.

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