UCAN Edge Review

UCAN Edge Review

I’ve heard so much great things about the UCAN Edge gels. I haven’t tried them because I haven’t been training for items requiring gels. But with the start of another marathon training cycle, I am trying different gels to see what I like the best. I also reviewed the UCAN Energy Bars a couple of years ago.

UCAN Edge Review

Is it Generation UCAN or just UCAN?

UCAN dropped the generation a few years ago.

What Makes UCAN Edge Different?
What happened to SuperStarch? UCAN uses their “UCAN Livesteady” (formally known as SuperStarch). It’s patented, doesn’t contain sugar or stimulates, and delivers slow-release carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar steady, unlike other gels that want to get you the energy as quickly as possible and use sugar. Livesteady is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate.

Livesteady was developed to aid an infant born with a rare metabolic disorder where the body doesn’t produce glucose independently. The child was always in danger of life-threatening hypoglycemia. Livesteady helps deliver glucose to his bloodstream, and he continues to live off Livesteady.

  • Zero Sugar
  • Real Food
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly, Keto Friendly

UCAN Edge Review

About the UCAN Edge Product:

I’ve now consumed several of each of the UCAN Edge products. As I continue Marathon Training, I play with nutrition to find out what works. Since several elites, including Emily Sisson, Sara Hall, and even Meb use the UCAN products, I know they have to work (do they work for me? That is the real question.)

  • Orange Flavor: Orange is a staple gel flavor. It’s fruity but not overpowering. It’s easy to consume.
  • Pineapple: My favorite flavor of the punch. I like pineapple on everything (yes, even pineapple on pizza). It’s sweet and not tart in the slightest.
  • Strawberry Banana: If you are looking for the sweetest of the bunch, the strawberry banana is the one.

How do I feel during runs when taking UCAN Edge?

Do UCAN Edge products work? Truthfully, it did concern me that the UCAN Edge gels only have 70 calories (compared to 100-110) of most other gels. Becasue of the lasting energy, I decided to take them earlier than usual, so hopefully, they’ll hit around the same time. Instead of taking a gel every 45 minutes (which has worked moderately well), I took it every 30 minutes. The UCAN Edge is much more liquid, and the packets are enormous. My problem is that women’s shorts don’t always have large pockets, so it’s hard to stuff 3 or 4 Edge in there. In a marathon, I’ll likely need 5-6. Like other gels that are super thick, the thin, UCAN Edge will take some time to get used to, but I appreciate how light they are. I have yet to have a stomach issue with them. UCAN Edge gels are great for those with sensitive stomachs because of how much water content they have.

So far, I’ve felt great with no issues during my last few longer runs—no stomach pains and nothing my stomach felt off. I haven’t had any bonking.

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UCAN Edge Review

Cost: 12 for $35.96

You can subscribe and save so that the 12 are $30.56 (or 15% off). It is one of the most expensive gels but unique and great if you are looking for a light gel.

UCAN Edge Conclusion:

I’m a big fan of the UCAN Edge, and I think they bring something to the table that no other gels do. Plus, it speaks to how many professional athletes, including Meb, Sara Hall, and Emily Sission, use UCAN. You will have to experiment with it and see if you like the flavor and consistency and if that works for you.

Who should buy the UCAN Edge? If you have stomach issues or are looking for a light gel that doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach. Suppose you are looking for a more water-based gel or vegan.

Who should not buy the UCAN Edge? I can’t think of a reason. The packets are more significant, but any athlete training for long-distance events would benefit from trying them and seeing if they work for you. There are cheaper options out there.

You can buy UCAN Edges here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite kind of gel?

Have you tried UCAN?