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Training: I Ran a Marathon

Wow, what a fun thing to say. I had an incredible weekend at the New York City Marathon. It wasn’t just the race but the entire weekend in general.  I obviously have a lot to say about the New York City Marathon, which will deserve its own race recap.  My goal was to start and finish healthy. It wasn’t to run X time, but I wanted to start and finish healthy.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes
Wednesday: 10 miles with a fast finish
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 2 miles with New Balance
Saturday: Easy 3 miles
Sunday: New York City Marathon 3:27.19


Most of the week was dedicated to the New York City Marathon. I had so much fun just relaxing in the city.  I even got to meet both Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson.

New York City Marathon (3:27.19)

After being on my feet most of the weekend, I could tell my legs didn’t “feel good.”  Sure, I could have skipped all of the fun activities, but my goal was to start and finish healthy, plus have fun. It was a weekend to celebrate my ability to run and health. Is PRing fun? Of course, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen and it wasn’t a secret goal of mine.

My goal was to do it more as a long run and the race itself went by fast. I took it out “easy” and ran up the Verazzano Bridge in 7:40.  That second mile is downhill and I ran a 6:53 at the same effort (maybe I should do a downhill marathon JK). The rest of the miles clicked by and I averaged between 7:25-7:40 depending on terrain. I did stop to use the bathroom at mile 5. Up the Queensboro Bridge, I ran an 8:15, then most of my miles afterward were between 7:45-8:15 with my final few at 8:15-8:30.

I crossed in 3:17.19, which I’m proud of. It was an extremely short buildup for this and just six weeks ago; I didn’t think I would be able to run. While it’s my slowest marathon, I’m equally as proud as any other marathon I’ve run. Now I’m looking forward to getting back into shorter races and getting my speed back.

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Questions for you:

Have you run the New York City Marathon?

Have you met someone famous?

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Big Cottonwood Training Week 12: Altitude and Half Marathons

Last week of training was fun. How can it not be when you are traveling? My husband and I decided to take a mini trip out to Colorado. Since we were in town, we thought we would do the Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon. I had no goals other than finish the half marathon and spoiler I did just that.

Monday: Easy 45 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 75 minutes
Wednesday: AM: 4X1 mile with 2 minutes rest (total miles 16)
PM: Easy 6 minutes downhill
Thursday: Rest and travel to Colorado
Friday: 60 minutes shakeout run in Vail
Saturday: Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon (1:33.58) Total Mileage 20
Sunday: Easy 30 minutes

Week 1: Hello Humidity
Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw
Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW
Week 4: Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs 52 MPW
Week 5: Training: Workouts and 10ks 46.5 MPW
Week 6: Firecracker 5ks 47 MPW
Week 7: Swim Races and Running for Toilets 56 MPW
Week 8: It’s Very Hot 58 MPW
Week 9: Tetris Runner 56 MPW
Week 10: Long Week and Personal 5ks 54 MPW

Week 11:: Quality Miles


What a week, my runs, for the most part, went well. My weekly mileage has been good, and I’m happy to get the running distance in. I was bummed I didn’t have the time to swim, but with travel, cross-training didn’t work out.  I’ve mentioned before, but swimming will always be there, and I’m not competing in swimming, so there isn’t a point to make myself miserable to get to the pool.

Workout Wednesday: 4X1 mile

I got to run with my fast friend, Skip. Originally we had planned the track, but it was completely occupied, and there was no way to get on. We decided to head to a local paved path which worked out well, and I had my best workout in a long time.

Since Big Cottonwood Marathon is a downhill race, the race says “a speedy downhill slope,” I opted for 6 miles in the afternoon on the treadmill. I set my treadmill on a decline and run for an hour to get my quads adjusted to that. After running Phoenix and not being prepared appropriately, I asked for training tips for Big Cottonwood. Runnin downhill should have been a no brainer, but I’m glad someone suggested it.

Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon 1:33.58:

I’ll have a full recap this week, but I had no plans for the Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon other than to run smart. I took out the race very easy (for a race), and my first mile was 7:37. I didn’t know how I would feel. Looking back, I probably could have taken it out faster, but I haven’t done a road half marathon at altitude (I raced the trail Copper Mountain 25k last year).

The race itself is mostly on gravel, and it was one of the most beautiful races I’ve ever run. It’s a remarkably beautiful road race, and I would recommend it to anyone. I was able to negative split the race. Around mile 10.5 was the hardest hill I’ve ever climbed. It was a steep 300-foot climb in about a quarter of a mile. I found myself extremely winded for the rest of mile 10 and 11. I’m happy with the race, and afterward, I ran an extra 7 miles to get in 20 miles. I wouldn’t have done that, but that’s marathon training for you. For Big Cottonwood Marathon, all of my 20 milers will be on race day, and I appreciate that (but it does not make it any easier when it’s time to run after the race).

In all, I’m happy with the week of training. It’s hard to believe the Big Cottonwood Marathon is less than a month away.  My goal has always been to get to Salt Lake City and the start line healthy. My marathon training plan has been just to stay healthy and run smart. I’m running enough miles per week to feel prepared without being overcooked when it’s time to run 26.2 miles.

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Questions for you:

Have you run at altitude?

What is the most beautiful race you’ve run? 

The Travelers Miles (80)

This week I’ve essentially been on the road and trying to continue my training.  As you may or may not know, I’m headed back to Virginia (home) and hope to get back tomorrow night.  Though if I don’t,  no big deal as I don’t have a time crunch to actually get back there.  That’s why we have spent the last week on the road and just taking things as they come.  We make awful time, stop at multiple places along the way and run a lot.  I fully enjoy it.  It’s nice to not have any pressure to get back quickly.

Monday: Home OFF: Recovery from last weeks 100 mile week…I didn’t move from the couch for about 8 hours besides to eat and use the rest room.  That is not an exaggeration. I should have been packing to move but didn’t even have the energy for that.
Tuesday: Home 13.2 miles untimed
Wednesday: Houston, Tx 12.63 miles untimed
Thursday: Louisiana 13.1 miles untimed
Friday: Pensacola, Fl 13.67 miles (8:30 with 2 miles 7:30)
Saturday: Atlanta Haunted Hustle XC 5k (19:15) total: 11 miles
Sunday: Charlotte 16 miles progression (8:04 overall pace)
Total: 80 miles


The first three days were spent solely not caring about pace and just getting through the miles.  I took Monday off because I needed to recover.  I honestly felt like if I didn’t take Monday off I would have done damage to my body.  I also don’t think I could have actually run as I was so exhausted.  I enjoy rest days (when they come because they are needed) and having easy days. I fully enjoyed bonding with the couch (and avoiding packing) all day long.

The rest of the week was spent just getting in the miles.  I knew my body was going to be tired.  I had no incline to push the pace, the goal of this week was to get high mileage while traveling and no injure myself.   Friday, I added some quicker miles to prepare me for my first 5k in close to 3 months.

The race in Atlanta was about how I expected it to be.  It was a cross country 5k and I haven’t run anything in the low 6 minute pace since my arm broke in August.  I haven’t run a cross country race since early June either.  (I love cross country though!).  It was nice to shock my body into it and after driving 1200 miles and not being rested (or tapered) it was about how I thought.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a PR but still a great time.

My long run went perfectly.  It was in a cross country park in Charlotte and the weather was beautiful.  I started around an 8:30 pace and then progressed to a 7:30.

Next week/Taper Thoughts:

I’ve never fully tapered for a half marathon and never run a full marathon before.  When tapering for swimming championships I had a mix of having the best race of the season post taper as well as having slower races then in the season.  I plan to slowly cut down my miles and hopefully my legs will feel fresh for the race.  I don’t know how this taper will go but I have my life to run marathons.  If this isn’t the best race ever then I can train and try new things next year.  Though my goal has been 3:10 this entire process, finishing a first marathon is truly an accomplishment in itself.

Questions for you:

Do you do deal well with taper?

Are you a good traveler?

I’m not, I’m a really high maintenance traveler.  I always need to stop and use the rest room, am hungry, thirsty and everywhere in between.  I don’t know of anyone who enjoys traveling with me.

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