Exploring Lake Marie via Skyline Trail (Napa)

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail

Lake Marie via the Skyline Trail is a trek to get too but well worth the 6.2 miles round trip. It’s one of the most beautiful views in Napa. While getting there is challenging, it’s well worth the climb weather you are hiking or running. It’s about 3.2 miles or 6.4 round trip.

If you’ve never been to Lake Marie via Skyline Trail or the Skyline Wilderness Park:

It does cost $5 to enter but there are over 25 miles of well-kept hiking trails. There is plenty to do including hiking, running, or mountain biking.

Brief History of Skyline Wilderness Park:

I’m always interested in the history of places I visit and there is a lot of history to the Skyline Wilderness Park.

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail

It started in 1979 when the land beside the State Hospital was declared to be surplus. The community got together and bought the property to create a park. The Skyline Wilderness Park finally opened in 1983. At first, the Skyline Wilderness Park was only open for hiking, biking and horseback riding but later, there were new additions such as an RV Camp area, tent area, and even picnic area. You can see the park map here.

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail:

To get to Lake Marie, you’ll climb roughly 1200 feet over the course of 3.2 miles. Most of the climb is on smooth trails with less technical components but there are several more steep sections with more rocky terrain.

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail
You do get smooth terrain on some parts

I’m biased but I recommend a good pair of shoes. Skyline Wilderness Park does get busy, so I would start early and bring water. Plus if you want to stop and relax at the picnic tables at Lake Marie, bring a lunch too.

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail

The first half of the climb to Lake Marie via Skyline Trail is rocky and technical. I’ve run there a few times now and am slowly perfecting my technical running. Let me tell you, it’s not easy.

Around 2 miles, it does smooth out with more dirt and less rocks. If you’re feeling it, you can pick up some speed here.  Finally around 3.2 miles you’ll get to Lake Marie via Skyline Trail. Since it’s an out and back trail, you just have to turn around when you’re ready.

Lake Marie via Skyline Trail

You can keep going to up to the Rim to Rock trail which is much more challenging and steep. It’s beautiful, but it’s a lot harder of a climb.

In all, I highly recommend Lake Marie via Skyline Trail. If you come to visit me, I’ll probably take you there.

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