Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

Recently I started using Persona Nutrition. Figuring out what supplements and vitamins are best for you can be tough. With the help of Persona Nutrition, I’ve been able to find what works best for me and feel noticeably better.

Persona Nutrition can help you find your own personal needs. I’m not a registered dietician, and nutrition is so individualized and personalized. It’s important to figure out what works for you (not anyone else).

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

Why Take Supplements Anyway?

We can also only get so much from the food. I would love to tell you my diet is perfect every day, but it’s not, and it’s not possible to be. That’s ok.  Taking (the right supplements) ensures you are getting proper nutrients.

First, there are so many different types of supplements out there. If you are like me, you might not know what is best for you. Your body, your needs, change, and they change often.

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

Every Person is Different:

I’ve recently started working with the company Persona Nutrition, and I have not been disappointed. Often, I hesitate to recommend a supplement or supplement company. Why? Because as mentioned, not every supplement is right for every person. Some supplements are plain garbage, and some aren’t the appropriate supplement to take for your needs.

Figuring out what can work can be challenging. That’s where Persona Nutrition comes in.

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

So What is Persona Nutrition?

Persona Nutrition is a supplement company based on your needs and requirements. What makes them different? Persona Nutrition has a medical professionals team, including certified nutritionists and medical advisory boards, to help find your needs.

They ask you a series of questions that lead to custom recommendations. A few of the many things Persona Nutrition looks at:

  • Health
  • Gender and age
  • Diet and Allergies
  • Lifestyle
  • Prescription Medications

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

I had no idea how much prescription medications could affect supplements, but Persona Nutrition helped inform me of that. Some prescription medications even deplete nutrients in your body. Persona Nutrition is the only personalized nutrition company that cross-references more than 2,000 prescription medications.

Persona Nutrition Uses Quality Ingredients:

One major reason I haven’t reviewed many supplement companies is because of the quality of ingredients. Persona Nutrition only uses trusted manufacturers that have the exact ingredients needed. This ensures ingredients come from reputable sources. You can read Persona Nutrition’s Declaration of Quality Standards Here.

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

So Anyway, Back to My Experience with Persona Nutrition:

The questionnaire took about 15 minutes to do. It asked me questions like health, my activity, medications I was taking, and more. Afterward, I filled out my information, and within 5 days, I had all of my vitamins and supplements.

It also suggests add ons and other things that might benefit you. You can also make a reoccurring payment so you get your nutrition every 30 days. With everything going on in life, vitamins or supplements can be hard to remember.

Before ordering, they informed me of what they were sending and why. I like to know what I am putting into my body.

Receiving Persona Nutrition:

Let me tell you, the packaging is awesome. The vitamins are labeled in easy to take biodegradable packages.  Each package is clearly labeled with the contents and if it’s made for morning or evening. These handy packages make it easy to take with you. Plus, when you look at the next package, it’s also easy to see: Did I take my Vitamins and Supplements today? If you see your AM tab is still there…you didn’t.

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

The box also comes with an in-depth look at your supplements, what they look like, and why you are taking them. For example, my recommendation included melatonin. If I don’t want to take it, it’s easily identified, and I can skip it for the day. I appreciate that everything is clearly labeled, and I know exactly what I’m putting into my body.

Personalized Nutrition with Persona Nutrition

You can see more gear and product reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What kind of supplements do you take?

Have you ever used a personalized nutrition company? 



  1. I love these vitamin packs. My best friend was just talking about these and I can’t wait to try them. The quotes are excellent

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  3. Having personalized advice when it comes to taking supplements is good. That is so awesome of Persona Nutrition. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes! It can be so confusing to know what is good for you.

  4. I like this Persona Nutrition coz the supplements are curated based on each person’s needs. It is personal and you will know what you need most.

    1. Yes, exactly Blair! You never know what will work for you.

  5. Persona Nutrition sounds like a great programme to try. I definitely need to pay better attention to my health.

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