Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

Westwood Hills Park is a beautiful park located in the northwest corner of Napa. If you are looking for a short hike that yields beautiful views, Westwood Hills Park is definitely one of the better ones. Although really, you can’t go wrong at any of the parks in Napa County.

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

The first time I ran up Westwood Hills Park, I was amazed. How could something be so steep, LOL. But, it’s good hill training if you’re in the area.

I’ve now run or hiked at Westwood Hills Park multiple times and have slowly found my way around. The main loop, the Westwood Hills Loop, is about 3 miles.  Unlike a few parks in the area, you can have leashed dogs at Westwood Hills Park.  If you are looking for a traditional dog park, I suggest Alston Park right now (with an off-leash area).

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

The trails hike through beautiful groves of oak trees and grassy meadows and give some of the city’s most incredible views.

Westwood Hills Park is also home to the non-profit Napa Valley Naturalists. They operate the Carolyn Parr Nature Museum near the trailhead for Westwood Hills Park.

  • Exhibits that depict the plants and animals found in Napa County’s five different habitats
  • Children’s nature library with “hands-on” corner of skins, nests, and bones
  • Nature reference library.

The Carolyn Parr Nature Museum is open year-round Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4. During the summer it is open Tuesday-Sunday from 1-4.

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)
Steep climb at the Westwood Hills Trailhead

I’ll focus on my most recent hike/walk to Westwood Hills Park. I got there around 7 am. There are about 10 parking spots in the parking lot. One thing I do appreciate about Westwood Hills Park is the porta-potty right at the trailhead.

The first half mile goes up a large incline towards the top of the Westwood Hills Park. It’s steep and climbs roughly 500 feet, very quickly. There are benches along the way if you want to stop and take a break. After just under .5, you make it to the top where you can see most of Downtown Napa and the city of Napa.

Seriously, the climbs never stop?

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

There are sweeping views of the mountains and vistas.

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)
It feels like the trail just stops at the edge.

If you want “the best view of Napa,” you really only have to do the .5 and out the back, but there are other trails there. When going down, I’ve opted to explore other single track trails. The views are good, but they aren’t at the peak. Despite some very steep downhill sections, I’ve enjoyed the single track trails a lot.

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

There are steep trails, and it’s not the first trail I would recommend for children. I’ve had to hop over trees on tight single track trails.

Hiking Westwood Hills Park (Napa, Ca)

Other Napa area Hikes include Alston Park and Hiking Skyline Trail at the Skyline Wilderness Park.

You can see all hikes here.

Questions for you:

Have you been to Napa? 

What is your favorite local hike near you?


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